Why I let My Teenage Daughter get Plastic Surgery

My daughter just wouldn’t be this confident young lady that I had always dreamt of her to become. Always the one to shy away from constructive discussions and feeling insecure, my daughter was in complete contrast to my personality. No amount of help seemed to improve her dwindling confidence. What bothered her? The expanded, flaring nostrils she felt were covering up her entire face. Though I persuaded her to be comfortable in her true skin, I couldn’t deny the importance of having the perfect face. Having had a nose job only a year ago, I knew precisely where my daughter came from when she said she just couldn’t blend in with her friends. She tried to talk me into getting a surgery and like an overly-concerned parent, I’d always decline.

It was at this time that I started researching the number of teens who were opting for a surgery in the early years of their lives. I was encouraged by the fact that approximately 220,000 teenagers chose plastic surgery as a quick and sure way of defeating their insecurities. A quarter million adolescents ended their lives as recluses with the help of nose jobs. Bang! That was the moment of decision. I no longer wanted my daughter to suffer because of a changeable factor in her life.

The Happiness, Joy and the Towering Confidence!

On the day of the appointment, not only was my daughter exceptionally happy but I was on the seventh heaven for making the right decision for my baby girl. The plastic surgeon didn’t take long in giving my daughter the transformation we were counting on. The procedure was quick and smooth. The recovery time period was even better when we could see the results and couldn’t wait for the final check up.

It was fascinating to see the tremendous amount of positivity that had suddenly found its way into my little girl’s thinking all of a sudden. She was happy and ambitious; looking forward to meeting new people and mingling with individuals from all age groups. I could see my daughter evolving into the confident young woman I had always wanted her to become.

My daughter had wanted to go through with this surgery not because she wanted to intimidate anyone else with her amazing good looks or to become a successful model, but just because it was the ONE thing that had stopped her from being her true self. I was happy for the strength of character she displayed throughout the recovery period and how she made a sensible decision all on her own.

Plastic surgery: It’s not just about appearances!

Contrary to what many people believe, a plastic surgery doesn’t just involve a person’s superficial aspects. This is not just a surgery but rather, a profoundly positive makeover both inside and out. My daughter would never have been confident enough to mingle with the people she hangs out with now, had she not opted for this surgery.

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