Video Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

Online video? Not just another marketing tool!

There is a reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Over the years, online video has proved itself as an exceptionally strong element of successful online marketing.

Using videos is essential to promoting your business while it sets itself apart from competition.

We provide expert Videography and Photographic Services Exclusively to Plastic Sugeons

Our expertise in video marketing for plastic surgeons helps board certified plastic surgeons to share their unique stories, techniques and show to prospective potential patients what sets you apart from other plastic surgeons. We’re in a digital age where a strong online identity and personality has become increasingly important for every Cosmetic Surgeon.

We can highlight the essence of your practice, and tell it’s story in video format. This will allow a bond and trust between you and potential patients to be developed before they even meet you for an initial consultation.

iLIkePlastic Video Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

A Better Feel On What To Expect

Videos are especially effective when it comes to plastic surgery procedures that might be complex. After hearing it explained by a qualified plastic surgeon, patients feel a sense of ease, comfort and confidence. Most procedures and techniques are very difficult to communicate without video which can make it intimidating.

It is a lot easier to explain or show a patient what the procedure involves and how it can benefit them by simply clicking a button and letting them watch a video. This takes out the element of uncertainty or confusion and demonstrates to them in a much more direct and authoritative manner.

Help patients build trust and confidence in you, as the surgeon of their choice!

Viral Video Marketing

One of the biggest advantages to using the Internet video is that it allows for video sharing where patients can recommend a plastic surgeon to a friend or an acquaintance looking for the same services. Videos are really easy to share, and with the popularity of social networks, your video can be seen by thousands of viewers quickly and easily.
Video allows you to increase the number of potential patients and expand your practice awareness. A well put together cinematic quality video will save you from having to spend time and money on other forms of Marketing and Advertising. Once produced, Video Marketing also works, almost effortlessly. You can be sure that there are people telling each other about your plastic surgery practice organically, all across the web. We help to make Video Marketing work for you!

Video Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

How our services can work for you!

About You

This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and help your potential patients get to know YOU! A video segment on you as a person, as a plastic surgeon and as the right choice for your potential patients. Create a sense of comfort and gain confidence with an introductory video about yourself and your practice. When looking for the right surgeon, patients search for reviews and information to learn about their surgeon of choice. There is no better way than a video that takes a closer look!

Video Testemonials

Sometimes its best if patients do the talking! Video testimonials from patients who have used your services act as a great tool to add to your credibility. Patients can share their experiences, why they chose you and how you helped them achieve their goals as their trusted plastic surgeon of choice.

Explanatory Videos

With the influx of information and resources available on the net, it’s become hard and overwhelming for patients to find what they are looking for.

Patients are interested in different procedures and explaining that using video allows them to easily digest that info. This will help you win their confidence as they understand more and trust in your services.

Video Commercials

Commercials aren’t dead, Television is….

  • 90% Of online users say that seeing a video of a product, service or in your case a cosmetic procedure is helpful in the decision making process.
  • Every day 100 million Internet users watch An online video.

With our experience in cinematography and post production editing, we can ensure creating professional video commercials for you and your practice.

Video For Your Website

Having a professional video production on your website will increase your bookings exponentially. Recent statistics show that 80% of your online visitors will watch A video, while only 20% will actually read content in it’s entirety. A great way to welcome visitors to your website would be by providing them a video that is sure to boost their confidence and better inform them about yourself and your practice.

High Profile Personalities

It’s all about recognition! As a high profile plastic surgeon, a professional video production will help  increase your name recognition when it comes to plastic surgery. It will also allow you to gain more public awareness and to build affinity in the field of plastic surgery. Exposure across all platforms of media is paramount in the age of digital media. Be among the who’s who of plastic surgery with our video marketing for plastic surgeons service.

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