The Fight against Cellulite and Flab


If you have some dimpled skin that prevents you from wearing a short skirt or flaunting a bikini in summer time, then you are not alone. A majority of women, 90% to be precise, suffer from the wrath of cellulite. To make matters worse, the presence of flab makes your body look even more unappealing to look at.

In search for fighting away both flab and cellulite, women have tried all kind of treatments since time immemorial. The last six years have seen a dramatic transformation in the cellulite reduction industry which has grown by a massive 113% across the world. What’s more, there are no signs of slowing down this revolution.

What can be done to reduce flab and cellulite?

There are various treatments in the cosmetic world which can help you eradicate the very root of these problems instantly. You may opt for lasers or surgical treatments according to your needs. Most of these treatments are completely devoid of pain and can be repeated as often as you need them. Approved by the FDA, the following are some techniques you may use to shape your body and increase the beauty of your natural assets.

Laser toning

No matter what amount of dimpling you have, laser can get to the root of it and rectify the appearance of even the nastiest of cellulite. The basic mechanism of action of this treatment is the utilization of laser light along with the goodness of radio frequency to straighten out those dimples in your skin and get rid of your orange peel skin. 

Cold laser massage

Tri-Active laser is a fast way f reducing the appearance of cellulite. Approved by the FDA in the year 2004, the technique is used to increase the drainage of your lymph nodes with the help of a low intensity diode.

VelaSmooth and fat melting injections

VelaSmooth combines infrared light and radio frequency to rearrange the fat cells inside your body. The procedure then aims to stretch all the fibrous connective tissue networks underlying the skin to reduce dimpling.

Fat melting injections are immensely popular in France where the nation is obsessed with the idea of super smooth legs. These can be used on all aspects of the legs to dissolve fats cells. The injection uses phosphatidylcholine, which is a plant extract, to carry out mesotherapy and reduce the amount of flab on your legs.


Perhaps the best way to remodel all the contours of your body, liposuction aides you in losing weight fast. It can also help in improving the texture of your skin to a tremendous degree as well. There are many types of fillers that can be used to fill in the dents that are caused by the removal of large chunks of cellulite. Sculptra is an example of fillers which are used frequently in the cosmetic world.

Your doctor will be able to assist you in opting for the best procedure according to your body type and the current state of your body.

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