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Thank you so much for requesting more information on how to connect with more patients who are seriously seeking your services. Please check your email to access the report or simply read it below as included:

Before & After images: Its the #1 key word search on the net.

Your before and after images is what show cases your work, talent and experience. Most importantly it also demonstrates the type of results and aesthetics achieved.

It is important to show case what results the patient should expect.

Offer Promotions/Offers regularly.

Plastic surgery is a high ticketed items, many people don’t have the luxury to afford. In this case, offering regular promotions and offers builds a loyal customer base and allows patients options to afford plastic surgery.

Just like in any business, customers are always looking for promotions/deals.

Increase your social media presence.           

  • Do you JUST post on social media or do you apply STRATEGY?
  • Here are the questions you need to ask to ensure you have a strong social media presence:
  • Do you have presence on major social media platforms?
  • Do you actively promote your business via the platform using proven strategy??
  • Did you build a large following that increases your reach and potential patients? Is it regularly increasing?
  • Do your posts receive Likes, Engagements and Shares?
  • Do you run enough campaigns to drive traffic both to your page and website?
  • Do you have a system in place that manages your social media effectively to ensure maximum efficiency?

Video Marketing:

  • Do you Invest in Video production to connect with your patients live in real time.
  • Do you regularly shoot videos that better explain what you do and the services you offer?
  • Do you offer varied videos showcasing your clinic, work, and customer testimonials?
  • Do you market your videos effectively for maximum reach?

Your Website SEO rankings:

To establish high rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc..ensure you:

  • Have a compelling website that has a modern, and sleek design.
  • Have a Responsive design. Google requires all websites to be responsive for enhanced rankings. As of July 2015, Google will simply not rank your website if it is not mobile friendly.
  • Have Social Media integration.
  • Your website is Submitted to niche directories, in this case: a Plastic Surgery Directory. This will enhance your SEO significantly.
  • Actively submit articles whether on Plastic Surgery Authority sites or your own Website Blog.

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You are going to love many of the other cool things and tools you can use below to connect with more patients and it’s only one method to utilize to increase your brand awareness/offers to your patients:

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