Teenagers and Plastic Surgery – Which Procedure Should Be Allowed

If you’re a parent, we know you’ve heard your children complain a lot about how hard life is for them. While it’s very tempting to sometimes give them a lecture about how hard life really can be, the truth is that the world has changed and if your kids are saying that their life is hard, perhaps you should stow away the lectures for a while and listen to why they feel that way.

Apart from the usual stress from their studies, there are numerous factors which can make life very difficult. Peer pressure, hormonal problems, social issues and insecurity are just a few to be named, and as the years go on, the harm from each issue increases. A teenager is at that point in their life when they start discovering themselves. They experiment with their interests, find their passion and explore the path to their goals, but they can’t do that if they’re not confident in their own selves. While plastic surgery amongst teenagers might be something that most people would associate with a teenage girl’s low self-esteem, it is becoming a necessary option for many who want to avail it, and that’s just not limited to the female population.

Is there a guideline when it comes to getting a procedure?

According to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, more than 236,000 surgical procedures were performed on patients from the ages of 19 and younger. The sheer number is enough to indicate that all is not right in their lives, and if they are willing to change something about themselves to feel better and to feel accepted than there has to be a reason. While the most common surgeries amongst teenagers are breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and liposuction, the types of procedures are actually increasing. Here we have to wonder; where should the line be drawn when it comes to getting plastic surgery, especially when it comes to teenagers?

Firstly, some of the pointers we have to look out for when our teenager asks for plastic surgery are.

  • Do they have the decision-making ability and maturity to accept this permanent change?
  • Are they only doing this to be accepted among their peers or are they personally becoming affected by that issue?
  • Are they aware of the safety guidelines?
  • Will they regret this change in the future?
  • What do we have to consider when a teenager asks for plastic surgery?

One thing all parents should remember before they say ‘no’ is that plastic surgery isn’t just for cosmetic reasons. If a child has gone through a growth spurt and cannot perform properly, then they should get a procedure. Along with that, any scarring or injury should also be reason enough for surgery.

While a teenager might sometimes forget that the time when they are being bullied will end, they can still be affected by it. By understanding whether the procedure needs to be absolutely done, your child can mentally accept their change without regretting it later. Plastic surgery is a luxury and a privilege, and by understanding your teenager’s needs, you can help them be more adjusted with their own selves and bring out their self-confidence. If you want to get a professional’s opinion about your teenager’s wish for plastic surgery, then feel free to use our Directory to find a trusted plastic surgeon.

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