A Comparative Analysis of Body Contouring With and Without Surgery

In today’s age and time, there are many surgical and non-surgical procedures available for body contouring which happen to be highly beneficial for any individual aiming for a toned body.

Let’s perform a detailed analysis of some these procedures and how they benefit the patients.

Non-Surgical Procedures for Body Contouring


If you’re troubled by the excessive fat and want to reshape your body without any surgery, then coolsculpting procedure is all that you need. The fat-freezing coolsculpting procedure is FDA-approved and it reshapes your body by freezing away the excessive fatty tissues. The procedure is completely safe and highly effective. It simply involves the positioning of a device on your selected area of the body and application of controlled cooling onto that area.

Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the process and you can practically read a book or even sleep during it. Once the excessive fat cells are processed by, they are completely eliminated and your body obtains the desired shape.

3D Liposonix

3D liposonix is another astounding method for fat removal and reshaping of the body without surgery. If you’re suffering from a post-baby heavy abdomen or thick buttocks, arms or thighs, then 3D liposonix is available for your rescue. The procedure is absolutely safe and simply involves application of low-frequency ultrasound with a massage instrument which breaks your fat cells. Later, the skin gets tightened with radio-frequency. The whole procedure gets completed in 90 minutes without any pain or discomfort.

Surgical Procedures for Body Contouring

Total Body Lift

For individuals who’ve lost the elasticity of skin all over the body, Total Body Lift can give them an overall toned appearance by removal of sagging skin and eventual skin tightening. Although total body lifts are comparatively complex procedures, but the aesthetic results are outstanding and the patient feels completely transformed and reshaped.

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift

If your upper arms’ skin has lost its elasticity and you’re suffering from sagging upper arm skin, then arm lift surgery can effectively remove the excessive skin, reshape your arm and give it a polished look. It’s a completely safe, FDA-approved procedure to restore the youthful contour of your upper arms.

Thighplasty or Thigh lift

As the name suggests, Thighplasty is extremely beneficial for those individuals suffering from sagging, unattractive upper legs. The loose and hanging skin of the thighs is expertly removed via a bilateral, medial or inner thigh lift and your thighs regain the youthful appearance.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

If you’re suffering from the post-baby loose abdomen or general sagging of abdomen due to natural aging, then you can easily opt for a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty. This body contouring technique removes the excessive skin and fatty tissues from the midsection of the abdomen along with the surgical tightening of your abdominal muscles.

So you can effectively reshape your body by opting for any of the above mentioned procedures.

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How a Tummy Tuck can Increase your Confidence 

With the passage of time, your waist will end up with a lot of undesirable inches. This has a negative impact on your posture and health. So not only do you end up looking bad but you feel terrible as well. The case is the same for men and women alike. The extra folds of fat and skin not only make it difficult to find the right clothes but it is a major hassle when you aim for anything adventurous. Not to mention the number of years it puts on your face and body.

The basic reason of a bulging tummy is the fact that your stomach has gone out of its physiological axis and the abdominal muscles are not too strong enough to restrain the increasing amount of weight of your gastric gland. No doubt, following a healthy diet and exercise routine are immensely helpful tools in losing those inches but the process is painfully slow and takes an overwhelming amount of effort.

An abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is a quick and effective way to reduce your waist overnight. This is a body makeover which has become a trend, a norm and a necessity in all parts of the world. A massive 111,986 procedures were carried out in the U.S. alone in the year 2013.

What are the advantages of this procedure? 

Typically the top of the list in any mommy makeover, a tummy tuck can give you a slimmer waist line, tighter muscles and toned skin. The fact that a majority of post pregnancy women opt for this surgery is encouraging and goes to show how safe and effective this surgery is.

A tummy tuck has many advantages; the obvious are the cosmetic ones. You get a tummy tuck and immediately, you feel like a new person who is happy and confident. But there are deeper and numerous levels on which your body benefits from a tummy tuck.

Many pregnant women can relate when we speak of stress urinary incontinence. This is a problem which makes the affected person leak urine as a consequence of sneezing and coughing etc. Studies have shown that a tummy tuck can greatly reduce the the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Moreover, if you happen to have back ache, a tummy tuck can help take off an incredible amount of weight from your frame thereby eliminating the unnecessary pressure on your backbone.

What is tremendously encouraging is the fact that patients with ventral hernias have also reported massive improvement in their clinical symptoms. Moreover, this procedure also tightens up the medial aspect of the thighs, enhancing their contours. For many women, this is amazing news as it is almost impossible to lose weight from this region.

This process can take off around ten pounds of weight in less than five hours. The transformation is long lasting.

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Benefits Of The Tummy Tuck

More About Tummy TuckGetting a tummy tuck has become a common occurrence in the modern age with the advanced treatments that are in place and the options that are available to patients. Excess fat and/or skin is something that can become an hindrance that is hard to shake off. For a person that is looking to get rid of this as fast as possible, a tummy tuck is the only option to consider. Let’s have a look at what this procedure is all about and why it is a valuable option to consider.

What Is The Tummy Tuck?

Let’s begin by taking a look at what this procedure also known as “abdominoplasty” is all about. This process looks to eliminate the excess fat and/or skin that is seen around the ‘tummy’ area. This is the reason for the name of the procedure itself.
With this surgery, an operation is done to target the fatty tissues present around the tummy area and remove them as a whole. This causes the tummy to flatten and to provide the aesthetic look a person is aiming for. The surgeon has to precisely customize the surgery to meet the needs of the patient’s body and what is required to get optimal results.


The number one benefit and the reason most people go down this route is because of how simple and quick it is. Cosmetic surgeries are fantastic because of how quickly a person can get results as soon as they have made up their mind.
The surgeon sits down with the patient, goes through their case, understands the patient’s needs, and then moves forward with a plan. This plan is put into place immediately and the procedure is completed. After the procedure is completed, the person is ready to move on with their life.
The results simply speak for themselves in this regard.


There are millions of people who have gone through with this process and it all comes down to how effective it is. It just works! And for those who are not willing to go through other means to get rid of the fat and skin that is present around their tummy, this is the only solution.
Being proven is a major benefit because you are able to trust the process as a whole from beginning to end.
The results end up showcasing a stronger and fitter abdominal profile that a person has imagined before going into the process.


In the end, there is only one thing a person is going to be looking for and that is aesthetics. No one wants to look fat and everyone wants to get that desired look they have always imagined. If that is you, it is essential to realize this process is the best to achieve the desired aesthetic results.