Rhinoplasty – A Scientific Miracle for Improved Looks and Better Quality of Life

In recent times, rhinoplasty, commonly referred to, as a nose job, has emerged as a highly beneficial procedure for people aiming to improve their facial appearance or alleviate their breathing problems.

Astounding benefits of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty serves multiple purposes for the patient. We’ve discussed in detail some of its major advantages:

  • A game changer for your appearance

The shape of your nose has a great impact on the overall symmetry of your face. Even a slightly crooked nose can make your face look uneven and lopsided. This causes all other stunning features of the face to take a back-seat and your overall appearance becomes dull and unimpressive.

Rhinoplasty reshapes your nose. This procedure is performed by making incisions to the skin of the nose, and then the skin is pulled back and stretched to reshape the bone and cartilage.

The newly symmetrical and improved nose structure has a miraculous effect on your overall appearance and you’re bound to feel more self-assured and confident.

  • Easy breathing

Not being able to breathe properly can be extremely uncomfortable and can take a toll on your overall health in the long run. Improper breathing has been reported as the most frequent cause of depression, mood-swings and anxiety. Most of the people who suffer from a deviated septum experience life-long troubled breathing. This problem can be easily solved by undergoing a corrective rhinoplasty procedure, which is specifically called septoplasty.

Septoplasty redesigns or reconstructs your ‘nasal passage’ which results in an improved air flow and better breathing.

  • Proper sleep

Troubled breathing leads to insufficient and problematic sleep. This condition can get worse with time and lead to a chronic sleeping disorder which is called ‘sleep apnea’.

Sleep apnea can further lead to other health problems which include excessive weight loss, lethargy, fatigue and chronic depression.

Therefore, corrective rhinoplasty becomes imperative in such situations and provides exceptional relief to the patient.

Tips to gain maximum benefits from rhinoplasty

The end result of rhinoplasty solely depends on the expertise of your chosen plastic surgeon. Therefore, proper investigation must be carried out before opting for the right one.

First and foremost, make sure the surgeon has proper board certification and the license is up to date. You should also critically examine the previous rhinoplasty results of the surgeon by going through pictures of patients before and after the surgery or by meeting the patients in-person.

Famous celebrities with astonishing rhinoplasty results

In case you’re still confused about the lucrative benefits of this procedure, we’re going to unveil some of the most amazing rhinoplasty results of famous celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Ashlee Simpson and Lil Kim are few of the many Hollywood celebrities who’ve benefited from rhinoplasty and changed their appearance.

So if you’re suffering from the blues of a crooked nose, it’s about time you start giving serious consideration to rhinoplasty and transform your life for the better.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Different ethnicities give people different physical attributes. These include skin tones, thick/thin skin, coarse or fine hair and the differences in ear lobes amongst many other features. Perhaps the most striking feature that draws the most attention is an ethnic nose. It is the number one reason that a large number of different ethnicities are seeking rhinoplasty, all for the better!

According to a recent study carried out by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty comprised of around 21 percent of all the cosmetic procedures carried out in the year 2011.

Read on to get an accurate idea of what ethnic rhinoplasty is all about and how you can look and breathe better with the help of this surgery.

Rhinoplasty- The Primary Objective

The ultimate goal of ethnic rhinoplast is achieving facial symmetry and harmony which is immensely appealing to look at. In this procedure, the dimensions of the nose are accurately measured and their proportion to the total height of the patient’s face is measured. Other factors that are kept in mind are:

  • Width of the mouth
  • Mandibular height
  • Width of the face

The Distinctive Features of the Ethnic Nose

As an example, African-Americans have a nose structure that is very different from that of other races. These are a collective function of the skeletal as well as the musculoskeletal structure of the nose. The degree of thickness of subcutaneous fat also contributes to the structure of the ethnic nose.

After having a look at the ethnic nose, you will notice the need of harmony at the base of the nose in the upper jaw and along the nasal bridge. Careful attention should also be paid to the small furrow just adjacent to the upper border of the upper eyelid in the structure of the tarsal cartilage.

Skin Thickness 

The thickness of the ethnic nose is also a challenge for the cosmetic surgeon. There is a layer of fat just under the thick skin of the ethnic nose which is strongly bound to the underlying tissue. Various anatomical structures such as the sebaceous glands are also present in this layer of skin. While reconstructing the ethnic nose, the cosmetic surgeon has to be wary of all these structures and be sure not to harm any of these during the process of remodelling.

How is ethnic rhinoplasty changing the lives of many patients across the world?

Ethnic rhinoplasty gives the chance to everyone to change the appearance of their nose if they are not happy with it. Aside form the cosmetic aspect of the surgery, the total reconstruction of the nose has helped many patients in being able to breathe better by correcting disturbing situations such as a deviated septum.

At the end of the procedure, you will notice that the following features of your ethnic nose have been corrected:

  • Flaring nostrils
  • Depressed nose bridge
  • Expanded structure of the nose
  • Rounded tip of nose
  • Enhanced nasal dorsum

This surgery includes different ethnicities such as: African-Americans, Latino, Hispanic, Philippine and Chinese individuals and many others.

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Here is a Snap Shot on the Most Common Procedures!

plastic-surgery-proceduresA Snapshot on the Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures!

Over the years, advancements in the field of plastic surgery have ensured that surgical procedures exist to modify all major parts of the human body. The field of plastic surgery is vast and cosmetic surgery is just one facet of it. In this article we discuss the most widely practiced types of plastic surgery available for patients:


Liposuction involves the removal of fat from the body using a suction tube. However, as with all surgeries, we recommend you consult with your surgeon to determine if you are the right candidate.


Also known as a “nose job”, rhinoplasty has been a widely used surgical procedure throughout modern history. It involves the reshaping of the nose and is popular with male and female patients alike. It sure can have dramatic improvements on one’s appearance.


This is the procedure of enlarging one’s breast through artificial means such as by the use of saline or silicone implants. It is not surprising that this is form of cosmetic surgery is highly popular with many happy patients!


Extra fat, muscle, and skin are removed to make your eyes look better. One of the best uses of blepharoplasty is the treatment of war victims.


The “tummy tuck” in other words, this is the procedure where the abdomen is compressed due to tightening of abdominal muscles and the removal of extra fat and skin.


Many people seek the smooth and young feel and look for skin making the “face lift” one of the highly popular procedures that leads to a smoother and tighter skin on the face and neck, reducing the features of aging in the process.


In this procedure, the surgeon uses a special tool that scraps off the top layer of skin, leaving behind a smother and softer layer. Post-surgery, experts advise that for at least 3 to 5 weeks, it is best to avoid direct contact with sunlight.


Or ‘breast lift’ in other words, metapoxy raises and reshapes the breasts by removing the extra layer of skin and repositions the remaining tissue and nipples. Recovery can take up to a week or more.

Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a growing problem, especially in aging men and women. Hair transplantation works by inserting hair follicles into your scalp, or removing a part of the scalp. While this surgical procedure is highly expensive, it is also one of the most commonly availed because of the importance people place on their hair.


Having larger than “normal” ears can cause serious body image issues, especially in children. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is an old practice, being performed from the time of ancient Greeks. The ear’s skin or cartilage is bent or removed to make the ear look smaller .The majority of the patients are kids.

Lip Augmentation

Finally, many women want fuller lips and this procedure does just that by inserting implants through surgery in the lips. Fuller lips add a more youthful and attractive look to the over all appearance.

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Male Plastic Surgery: A Rising Trend

Up until now, cosmetic surgery fell into a strictly female domain where men dared not venture. While cosmetic surgery is still more prevalent among females, there is a rising trend among males to get plastic surgery procedures. Although most are still a little hesitant to go under the knife, they are willing to opt for non-invasive procedures such as Botox, hair removal, and microdermabrasion.

Statistics show that male cosmetic surgery has actually increased by 273% since 1997. With 1 million cosmetic surgical procedures within the last year, the number still only accounts for 9.4% of the total cosmetic surgeries done. It does, however, show that a gradual increase is taking place.

Why the Increase?

There may be multiple reasons for the steady increase in male plastic surgery but chief among them seems to be social acceptance. Up until now it was taboo for a man to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure. Now that it has become much more acceptable and not frowned upon, men have the confidence to opt for them.

Another reason for the change is the increased competition in the corporate world. It is no secret that the cut throat corporate world demands you to be in your best shape at all times. Presentation, aesthetics and your look play a great role in the dynamics that help you move forward in your career. With this concept in mind, more and more men are opting for a cosmetic surgical procedure allowing them to opt for a more masculine and younger look.

Up until now, cosmetic surgeries were strictly female territory. As the number of men opting for cosmetic surgeries increases it’s important to see how they differ from females when it comes to the type of cosmetic surgeries.

Male and Female Cosmetic Surgeries: Similarities and Differences

As there is an increase in the male surgical procedures, there is a distinct difference between the cosmetic procedures that men and women undergo. The main reason behind this is the obvious difference in the male and female body.

Strangely enough, the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures tackle the same areas albeit in a different manner.

Rhinoplasty and Facelifts are two cosmetic procedures that are equally popular among the two genders whereas eyelid surgery follows closely.

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for Men

The most popular male surgical procedures today include the following:

Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty is one procedure that both genders simply love. Whether it’s a drastic change or a subtle one, rhinoplasty has a way of completely changing the way you look. Nose reshaping entails sculpting the nose by making it bigger or smaller in size and changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery entails removing the excess fat from the eyelid and removing the dark circles under the eye to give the face a fresher look. An eyelid surgery typically takes about 10 days to recover after the procedure has been done. Its best to refrain from contact lenses for about 2 weeks and stick to the trusted old glasses until the recovery time has elapsed.


In this cosmetic procedure, excess fat and tissue is removed from the abdominal area. In some cases, doctors may even opt for ab reshaping. A tube is inserted into the skin and used to remove the excess fat through suction.

Breast Reduction in Men

Also known as Gynescomastia, breast reduction in men is a procedure that removes the excess fatty tissue from around the breasts. The doctor may even reshape the pectoral area according to the preference of the patient. This problem is more common than you would think. About 40 to 60% of males suffer from this condition which may affect either one or both of the breasts.


This entails tightening the skin around the face and reducing the number of wrinkles. Face lifts are great if you want to get rid of the lines that have appeared on the skin. The recovery time for this procedure is typically 10 days to 3 weeks.