How a Face Lift can Change your Life

Face lifts are changing the lives of many people for the better these days. It has become quite a norm to visit a plastic surgeon mostly, after the age of twenty. The numbers showing the sheer amount of procedures done in a single year speak for themselves. Take for instance the number of procedures carried out in the U.S. in the year 2009 alone. The total number of procedures carried out was 103,625 out of which women accounted for 91% of the candidates. Age seemed to be no barrier when it comes to face lifts: 295 candidates were hardly a year or two older than 20.

A face lift is a simple procedure which gives you a ‘put together’ appearance.

What does a face lift involve?

Since every face has unique contours and a particular shape, an expert plastic surgeon will know how to deal with every individual case with precision. For the same reason, it should not be assumed that all surgeries are the same. The main factors that a surgeon will pay attention to are the texture of the skin and the consistency of the patient’s skin.

A word of caution for smokers though: Because smoking prevents proper blood flow to the skin and therefore delays the process of healing, smokers are advised to give up a week before the procedure. Once your doctor has identified all your needs and expectations, you should be ready to get a makeover that’ll leave you confident. The success rate of this procedure is very high and it is credited to take decades off your face.

In sharp contrast to what many people would have you believe, a face lift is virtually painless. Under the influence of a sedative and anesthesia, the patient hardly feels any sensation at all. Some surgeons even prefer to use general anesthesia which puts patients to sleep; happy to wake up to see their brand new selves!

The basic goal of the procedure is to tighten the face muscles with the help of carefully placed incisions which serve as the point of maximum support. These incisions are at the hairline, the temples and around the earlobe, covering the entire face. If the patient happens to have a double chin, a small incision is required to access the underlying tissues and fat and rectify the appearance of the anatomical structure.

Not only does the procedure render you skin which is profoundly firmer and tighter, you will not fail to notice that your contours are much more defined with the help of liposuction where needed. This is the part of the procedure which focuses on the removal of extra fat tissue which gives your face a worn-out and shapeless demeanor.

Lasting for a mere two to four hours, this procedure is a safe and inexpensive way of taking off the effects of time and stress from your face. The results are quick and long lasting, guaranteeing utmost satisfaction.

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Common Types of Non-Surgical Face Lift  


While surgical facelift is still most common choice for reversing the effects of facial aging, the risks and cost attached to such a procedure have resulted in the development of newer non -invasive methods being available. These offer a solution for those afraid to go under the knife, and while they might not be as effective as a surgical facelift, they come with their own set of benefits such as being more cost-effective as well as safer than a surgical facelift. Discussed below are some of the most common types of non-surgical facelifts.

Facelift in a Jar

This is treatment for tightening the skin and reducing fine lines, it is one of the mildest non-surgical facelift, making use of DMAE (dimethylethanolamine). Some might also contain high concentrated solutions of amino acids such as hexapeptide and alpha hydroxyl acid. Many can be applied at home but some products would require the handling of a professional.

Facelift in a Box

Another mild treatment with a misleading name. It involves the use of hand-held electromagnetic device, most of the devices offered on the market are safe enough to be used at home, working at an intensity level that does not require much expertise in handling.

Facelift in a Needle

The traditional Chinese technique of acupuncture has made its way into the world of cosmetics.  Fine needles are inserted into areas of your skin to increases circulation to blood in the face and stimulate collagen production, resulting in a younger looking skin.

Lunchtime Facelift

Just writing the word, “lunch time” makes one hungry but sadly, this treatment does not involve giving you a meal, but rather a procedure to make your face look better but rather makes use of a thread that is inserted into your skin to tug the sagging skin back to the position it was used to be. Sadly the effect might not be permanent but on the other hand, it is one of the few that can give comparable results to surgical facelift minus the downtime.

Liquid Facelift

Botox or dermal fillers like sculptra are directly injected in to your skin in small qualities, resulting in a more fuller, and younger looking skin but the results are never permanent.

Electrical Facelift

Micro currents are used to electrical stimulation to the muscles of the face, simulating cell function and improved circulation, in the process resulting in a more improved skin tone, less lines and wrinkles. The treatment is done by a specialist and can take up multiple sessions but is one of the least invasive treatments available and is known to also improve lymphatic drainage and metabolism.

Radiofrequency Facelift

Using heat on the inner layers of skin causes the collagen structure underneath to contract, making the skin firmer. It is a very popular form of treatment as it is painless and the effects are immediate.

Laser Facelift (non-surgical)

Finally, laser facelift it is similar to the one mentioned above but makes use of lasers for heating. It can take multiple treatments to get the desired results.

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