Why “Ethnic” is the New Beauty Ideal

Today’s fashion world is becoming increasingly affectionate for multi-culturism and there just isn’t any end to this addiction in sight. Plastic surgery to lift women’s buttocks, to have the breasts enlarged, or to slim the jaw lines are just some of the enhancements, tucks, and tweaks one discovers in places like America where people, inspired by celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, throng to represent their ideals of beauty (read cultural preferences).

These fashion icons with their stronger facial features and a well-defined bone structure have changed the entire perception of beauty in the western world with physical appearance not being as much of a social acceptance as popular beauty ideals. Women and men alike are absolutely mesmerized by the strong presence of ethnic women and the sheer ‘brave’ aura they have.

The New Face of the Modern Woman: Full, thick and dark!

The modern woman no longer has the fragile body and the modest bust line. She no longer has to be a fair damsel with thin lips and pale skin. In today’s modern day and age, women are choosing to boast voluptuous figures, a boldly dark skin and fuller lips. The traditional features of Asian, African and Latin American women are being celebrated and adopted by the western world.

According to Dr. Nancy Etcoff, this dramatic shift in the perception of beauty is surely a sign of the times. Ethnic women are at the very forefront, which just goes to show that the world at large has grown manifold in terms of cultural awareness. From the 50s, when beautiful woman would have thin lips, a pale complexion and a fragile frame, the world is now looking at the new face of divine female beauty: large eyelids, a broad nose and a dark skin that can flaunt any kind of color when it comes to clothing and makeup. This shift in demographics is evident by the fact that a lot of women actually opt for going through with a lot of plastic surgery procedures rendering them a more ethnic look.

The Power of Traditional Looks

The plastic surgery industry is currently earning well over $300 billion dollars after the dramatic shift in the perception of beauty from the early 2000s. Since this time, ethnic women have not only begun to embrace their good looks but have paid it forward like a precious ornament. Now we see cover girls with curvier bodies and well defined eyes.

Not only are ethnic looks preferred for ramps, they are the most sought after body types for lingerie photo shoots. These women are the new face of magazines, movies, and music with their rounder assets leaving the world yearning for more.

With the help of plastic surgery, it is possible to put curves at the right places and in flawless proportion. These procedures are serving as the best way to help women feel beautiful and confident about themselves.

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Contours: Shaping the Body after Massive Weight Loss

The increasing trend towards being fit and physically attractive has compelled many people to work their way towards healthier and more toned bodies. As a result, a vast percentage of people have started working out and opting for procedures such as a gastric bypass to lose the excessive amount of weight burdening their existence.

The only side effect of losing a tremendous amount of weight is the fact that you have to deal with sagging skin and lose tissues all over your body. This factor takes away all the happiness a person should be able to derive from the fact that they have undergone a massive amount of weight reduction.

If you are one such example, battling it out with the extra skin folds and seeing no end to the agony; worry no more. Body sculpting techniques that will give you a complete body makeover are available and provided by highly qualified plastic surgeons that excel at all the artistic maneuvers that are required to shape your body in a safe manner.

What makes your skin sag after weight loss?

If you have lost an overwhelming amount of weight in the past 8-12 months, you will have noticed the fact that the elasticity of your skin has gone down and you are left to deal with numerous skin folds that just won’t shrink down back to their original position despite the passage of time. What could bother you more is keeping clean and finding the right kind of clothes that would accentuate your body properly.

The struggle is even more difficult for women: the extreme droopiness in the bust line and the accompanying reduction in your precious breast volume are extra reasons to keep that cleavage hidden.

How do body contouring techniques help?

There are several techniques that can increase your chances of looking and feeling attractive after your weight loss episode. Fortunately, plastic surgery will help you in getting rid of the excess abdominal skin and pull back those lax muscles to give your lower body a much needed lift. The answer lies in a procedure known as abdominoplasty which is not restricted just to the lower abdomen. Your thighs, buttocks and hips will get sculpted and toned as well. 

In the upper body, the chest and the upper arms (specially the posterior aspect) are the worst affected areas. This is the site of maximum flab and loose skin which presents a disheveled sight. One of the most frequently used techniques for sculpting the arms is a brachioplasty which will give you highly toned arms. Your chest will be appropriately shaped with regard to your gender and you will instantly start feeling good about yourself after the recovery period.

Countless other procedures and treatments are available that target specific problem areas of your body. This means that you will have no complaint about any inch of your body when you leave the clinic.

Safely shaped changes to your body to change the shape of your future

Pain is the primary cause of concern for many patients, however, finding the right qualified plastic surgeon will make the procedure a comfortable experience for you. Both general and local anesthesia is used, as required, to make sure that your transformation to a better you is super smooth.

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How to Take off Twenty Years from your Face Instantly!

Who does not desire to be eternally young and to look ravishing despite the passage of years? Plastic surgery is a safe and effective way of making sure that you look noticeably younger instantly. And what is more striking is, it can take as much as two decades of aging off your face like it was never there!

According to research conducted recently, a group of students were shown the pictures of people who had had plastic surgery. The students estimated the average age of the ‘before’ pictures to be 4 years older than the actual age. When they looked at the ‘after’ pictures of the same patients, they estimated their ages to be 11.23 years younger than their actual age.

The power of plastic surgery to make you look and feel better can simply not be underestimated. From celebrities to the girl-next-door, the doors of plastic surgery are open to anyone who is willing to look their best. The results of plastic surgery are very impressive- drastically altering the texture of the skin and the contours of your face, this procedure can certainly allow you to maintain a youthful look for as long as possible.

Which procedures are the most popular?

Among a total of 60 plastic surgeries, 22 women opted for a face and neck lift, 17 had the same procedures along with a eye lid lift and 21 had all the above mentioned procedures plus a forehead lift. This shows the growing trend towards having a number of procedures to reduce the effects of aging from all parts of your face effectively.

Primarily, a large chunk of the patients opting for these procedures are aged between 45 and 72 years of age. These procedures are equally popular in both the genders.

What are the primary objectives of plastic surgery?

It is a natural desire for all people to look young despite their natural age. This innate desire to achieve physical perfection has been in our species since the very start and is, without a doubt, the best sign of the fittest.

Plastic surgery can help you reverse the hands of time and let you be youthful for as long as you want. The best advantage of getting a cosmetic procedure done is the fact that there are very few restrictions that can come between you and youthfulness. An experienced surgeon knows how to connect the dots to make you appear attractive and make you feel happy about your physical attributes.

Moreover, plastic surgery has several benefits from the medical perspective as well. There are countess examples of patients being saved by the magic of plastic surgery who had been left disfigured as a consequence of an accident.

Are you the right candidate for plastic surgery?

If you are finding it difficult to settle with the sagging skin and the utter lack of tone in your face, then you do not have to make compromises with the features you can easily change.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Different ethnicities give people different physical attributes. These include skin tones, thick/thin skin, coarse or fine hair and the differences in ear lobes amongst many other features. Perhaps the most striking feature that draws the most attention is an ethnic nose. It is the number one reason that a large number of different ethnicities are seeking rhinoplasty, all for the better!

According to a recent study carried out by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ethnic rhinoplasty comprised of around 21 percent of all the cosmetic procedures carried out in the year 2011.

Read on to get an accurate idea of what ethnic rhinoplasty is all about and how you can look and breathe better with the help of this surgery.

Rhinoplasty- The Primary Objective

The ultimate goal of ethnic rhinoplast is achieving facial symmetry and harmony which is immensely appealing to look at. In this procedure, the dimensions of the nose are accurately measured and their proportion to the total height of the patient’s face is measured. Other factors that are kept in mind are:

  • Width of the mouth
  • Mandibular height
  • Width of the face

The Distinctive Features of the Ethnic Nose

As an example, African-Americans have a nose structure that is very different from that of other races. These are a collective function of the skeletal as well as the musculoskeletal structure of the nose. The degree of thickness of subcutaneous fat also contributes to the structure of the ethnic nose.

After having a look at the ethnic nose, you will notice the need of harmony at the base of the nose in the upper jaw and along the nasal bridge. Careful attention should also be paid to the small furrow just adjacent to the upper border of the upper eyelid in the structure of the tarsal cartilage.

Skin Thickness 

The thickness of the ethnic nose is also a challenge for the cosmetic surgeon. There is a layer of fat just under the thick skin of the ethnic nose which is strongly bound to the underlying tissue. Various anatomical structures such as the sebaceous glands are also present in this layer of skin. While reconstructing the ethnic nose, the cosmetic surgeon has to be wary of all these structures and be sure not to harm any of these during the process of remodelling.

How is ethnic rhinoplasty changing the lives of many patients across the world?

Ethnic rhinoplasty gives the chance to everyone to change the appearance of their nose if they are not happy with it. Aside form the cosmetic aspect of the surgery, the total reconstruction of the nose has helped many patients in being able to breathe better by correcting disturbing situations such as a deviated septum.

At the end of the procedure, you will notice that the following features of your ethnic nose have been corrected:

  • Flaring nostrils
  • Depressed nose bridge
  • Expanded structure of the nose
  • Rounded tip of nose
  • Enhanced nasal dorsum

This surgery includes different ethnicities such as: African-Americans, Latino, Hispanic, Philippine and Chinese individuals and many others.

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Securing Your Saintly Symmetry in Safe Hands

No doubt, beauty is skin deep, but there is no point in having it, if it doesn’t show. Thanks to modern technology, we are one of the fortunate ones who have the liberty of looking their best by changing the less appealing factors about our physical appearance.

In this regard, the statistics reflecting on the overall situation of the field of cosmetic surgery according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are highly encouraging. With more than 12 billion U.S. dollars being spent on numerous surgical procedures in the U.S. alone in the year 2014, many people are opting for plastic surgery to improve the quality of their life. The following figures from the year 2012 are a clear indicator of the tremendous success rate of many plastic surgery procedures, such as:

  • Facelift (119,000 procedures, up by 5 percent)
  • Liposuction (205,000 procedures, up by 1 percent)
  • Breast augmentation (307,000 procedures, up by  4 percent)

What Difference Does Plastic Surgery Make to Your Standard Of Living?

There is a profound amount of positive difference that a simple procedure like a nose job can bring to your life. Many people report feeling completely transformed on the inside after having their desired procedure carried out.

Positive Changes to Your Physical Appearance

Perhaps the most obvious of all, plastic surgery can change any part of your body according to your requirement. From reducing the flab in your upper arms to shaping your bust line, there is nothing that plastic surgery cannot achieve.

Tremendous Improvement in Breathing

This is especially true for the cases of rhinoplasty. People who have had to suffer at the hands of a deviated septum know how much of a struggle it is to breathe properly. Getting a plastic surgery to alter the structure of your nose can resolve this issue at once.

The Difference in Posture

Women with a heavier bust have to suffer from negative effects on their posture. The characteristic slouch only adds more problems to the existing woes of having to carry an extra amount of weight on their chest. Breast reduction has helped many plus sized women fit in the clothes they desire by fixing their posture.

The Positive Effects on Your Heart’s Health

Breast reduction and liposuction contribute to improving the health of your circulatory system. So if you’re aiming for a thriftier disposition along with a slimmer appearance, plastic surgery experts have all the answers for you.

Increasing Social Activity

There is no doubt that once you are confident about yourself, you do not fear any kind of interaction with any individual. No matter how good looking or self-assured the other individual is; you will have no trouble in socializing when you know that you are flawless in your appearance as well.

It’s not just vanity; it’s for your health!

If you find that your confidence, self esteem and health have been suffering for far too long because of a certain physical attribute, getting a plastic surgery can help you change it today. You will notice that your personal and professional life have undergone a massive makeover when you look good on the outside and feel fantastic on the inside.

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Don’t miss out on Plastic Surgery. It could be a Game Changer!

Plastic surgery is anything but shallow. How could one possibly arrive at the conclusion?

If we are to take some of the negativities surrounding plastic surgery, and really think about each one of them beyond initial thoughts that come to mind because of the cultural influences, or any other influences, we may just arrive at a different perspective and see it in a different light.

Lets take a more honest look at this, and really consider a few things:

Plastic Surgery is shallow?

Plastic surgery does enhance a person’s outer appearance, but with enough enhancement in this world with beauty being more common, this may in fact send people in a different direction when thinking of things. How does this happen? Well, people will start looking for just a little more.

Ever noticed how people who are surrounded with a lot of beauty, start seeking whats beyond appearance? Beauty is important and is in line with human’s nature as we are visual but at some point, it will reach its maximum influence and from there and as deep as human beings can be, we will naturally start seeking more, we will look for more and beyond the physical. We will start looking for beauty of the soul tying inner and outer beauty.

There is enjoyment in looking at beauty, there is more in enjoying other senses as well but what will mostly last, is what feeds the soul and mind. Plastic surgery and enhancement, is only one way to that self fulfillment.

Plastic Surgery looks fake?

Just like in any industry, expertise and skills vary. With different levels of success and experience we arrive at different results.

What does this mean?

Plastic surgery involves art and to achieve as close as possible to natural results, you must seek out a plastic surgeon who has an eye for beauty, enough experience and who can help you achieve a result that you see beautiful. The trick is to do your homework. It can be done, and it can look amazing.

Plastic surgery can get addictive?

Addiction can be tied to anything. Whether plastic surgery or anything else, it usually comes from a different place and should be treated. After all, plastic surgery involves surgery, healing, time and money, all of which are taken into consideration, thus making it hard to think of plastic surgery as an addiction. In addition, plastic surgeons can easily spot those behaviours and voice their opinion when necessary to ensure patient’s safety.

Plastic surgery can ruin a person’s life:

For starters, if you feel good, you will do better in just about anything. It sets you up for success, it charges you with positive energy and helps you in staying within a positive mind set. Beyond undergoing plastic surgery for yourself first and foremost, as human beings we are attracted to beauty. In the work place, appearing young signals strength, ability and high energy. In relationships, well it’s all about chemistry. In long term relationships, physical attraction is vital to sustain it. In first impressions, well you only get one chance to make one. And the list goes on…..

What does all this mean? Plastic surgery should enhance your life in many ways.

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Common Types of Non-Surgical Face Lift  


While surgical facelift is still most common choice for reversing the effects of facial aging, the risks and cost attached to such a procedure have resulted in the development of newer non -invasive methods being available. These offer a solution for those afraid to go under the knife, and while they might not be as effective as a surgical facelift, they come with their own set of benefits such as being more cost-effective as well as safer than a surgical facelift. Discussed below are some of the most common types of non-surgical facelifts.

Facelift in a Jar

This is treatment for tightening the skin and reducing fine lines, it is one of the mildest non-surgical facelift, making use of DMAE (dimethylethanolamine). Some might also contain high concentrated solutions of amino acids such as hexapeptide and alpha hydroxyl acid. Many can be applied at home but some products would require the handling of a professional.

Facelift in a Box

Another mild treatment with a misleading name. It involves the use of hand-held electromagnetic device, most of the devices offered on the market are safe enough to be used at home, working at an intensity level that does not require much expertise in handling.

Facelift in a Needle

The traditional Chinese technique of acupuncture has made its way into the world of cosmetics.  Fine needles are inserted into areas of your skin to increases circulation to blood in the face and stimulate collagen production, resulting in a younger looking skin.

Lunchtime Facelift

Just writing the word, “lunch time” makes one hungry but sadly, this treatment does not involve giving you a meal, but rather a procedure to make your face look better but rather makes use of a thread that is inserted into your skin to tug the sagging skin back to the position it was used to be. Sadly the effect might not be permanent but on the other hand, it is one of the few that can give comparable results to surgical facelift minus the downtime.

Liquid Facelift

Botox or dermal fillers like sculptra are directly injected in to your skin in small qualities, resulting in a more fuller, and younger looking skin but the results are never permanent.

Electrical Facelift

Micro currents are used to electrical stimulation to the muscles of the face, simulating cell function and improved circulation, in the process resulting in a more improved skin tone, less lines and wrinkles. The treatment is done by a specialist and can take up multiple sessions but is one of the least invasive treatments available and is known to also improve lymphatic drainage and metabolism.

Radiofrequency Facelift

Using heat on the inner layers of skin causes the collagen structure underneath to contract, making the skin firmer. It is a very popular form of treatment as it is painless and the effects are immediate.

Laser Facelift (non-surgical)

Finally, laser facelift it is similar to the one mentioned above but makes use of lasers for heating. It can take multiple treatments to get the desired results.

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The Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Men

It is quite common to hear about women going for plastic surgery in order to look more youthful or restoring damaged skin. But rarely do we ever hear this about men. However trends are quickly changing, with the American male grooming market now worth $3.5 billion. It seems that many men, particularly those in their 40s and 50s are paying more attention to their appearance and are changing their attitude towards things often attributed with woman such as make up, diet pills, skin care products and of course, cosmetic plastic surgery in order to look more youthful and to boost their self-confidence, on which appearance has a major bearing.

The Facts

In 2012 alone, there were more than 1 million cosmetic procedures performed on men hailing from all ages and professions, which is an increase of an astonishing 106% from 1997. This also constitutes about 10 % percent of the total cosmetic procedures performed worldwide and these numbers are increasing. According to the American society of plastic surgeons (ASPS), 15% of all liposuction and eyelid surgeries, 20 % of laser hair-removal and 24% of nose jobs are performed on men.

Driving Factors

One of the main reason cited for this increase is the highly competitive job market, men who look more handsome, have influential facial features like a square jaw or  w-chin, have a more healthy appearance are more likely to be hired and put in leading positions in companies. Countless studies have shown how appearance is a key factor that drives recruitments.

Not surprisingly therefore, the 5 most popular forms of plastic surgery include liposuction, hair transplantation, nose job ,eyelid surgery and breast reduction. Another factor could be the reduction of risks and complications that arise from performing plastic surgery on men. The costs of plastic surgery are also decreasing (if adjusted to inflation), which can explain the increase in numbers, both in men and women undergoing these procedures.

Another important factor could be the changing attitude toward men and their role in society. No longer is an adult male ridiculed for taking part in activities and expressing interest in things normally regarded as feminine such as pink shirts, skin care products, and hair removing. And as such, he does not feel shy of taking part in plastic surgery.

The role of protectors and bread earners of family has now long been changed, becoming a shared responsibility of both the husband and wife. Also there has been a change in the paradigm of what constitutes a handsome a man who looks fit and young.

Future Trends

Cosmetic plastic surgery in only going to increase in popularity among men, newer forms of plastic surgery like pectoral implants and bulging Pecs will become more and more popular, at least in the short run. But it also worthy of note that people are also becoming aware of the risks associated with plastic surgery. Unless safer alternatives are developed and introduced, we cannot say for sure how widespread plastic surgery, especially in men, will be further down in the line.

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How to Have a Safe Plastic Surgery Procedure

Having a safe plastic surgery procedurePlastic surgery is increasingly becoming safer and more common around the world. But that doesn’t mean you can go ahead with a surgical procedure without taking the necessary precautions. Ensuring the right decision is taken when it comes to plastic surgery will not only give you the desired result but also keep you safe from fraud or improper use of surgery techniques. In this article we give some important information on how to have a safe plastic surgery procedure.

Know Your Facility

Make sure the facility where you will be operated is accredited. For a facility to be accredited, it must be qualified enough to meet a country’s surgery safety standards. In developing nations, for instance  either the standards are low or there is a chance of fraud so it is best to go to only renowned institutions for plastic surgery in these countries. India is a prime example, where there are quality surgical facilities available if you search carefully. Choosing an accredited facility means there is less risk of complications (less than 1 Percent), and while the costs maybe higher, you will get quality and lasting results. It also means you are cared for while you recover after the surgery continuously by vigilant staff members and any complication that arises is handled on site.

Consider the Options

Research on what kind of plastic surgery would be right for you and consult with your physician before undergoing a procedure.  For example, a person could be wasting money on a face lift when the desired results could have been achieved with a simple Dermabrasion.  Make sure you understand the risks involved with the procedure and whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Ask your surgeon to conduct a medical screening to determine whether you are fit for the surgery or not. Be sure to know whether your insurance provider will cover you, especially if you are undergoing the procedure abroad. You should note that your ordeal isn’t over when the surgery is over, you will need to be careful and do as guided, while in the recovery process and for best results, need to maintain a regular follow up routine with your surgeon.

Choose the Right Surgeon

Finally, ensure the surgeon you choose is trustworthy and reliable. He should be familiar and experienced in all types of plastic surgery, have at least five years of surgical training and must work for a licensed medical facility. Check to see whether he/she is a member of a known national or international plastic surgery organization and is able to understand and speak your native language easily. It is also useful to check his references. Makes sure to ask him the right questions such as what complications could occur with the procedure? What are your options if are you do not like the result of the surgery? How many procedures of this type has he performed and whether he has been trained particularly in the field of plastic surgery he will be performing? And lastly what is the time it takes for you to recover and what are the things you’ll needs during recovery period?

Due diligence will save you years of discomfort following a successful surgery. So make sure you exercise it. Find your plastic surgeon using our intuitive Directory! Or register for free and ask your questions on the Q&A Forum!

Ladies, Make Sure They Match!

Dr.Sharon talks about her experience in doing a breast fellowship at Georgetown University. She explains how she has always enjoyed performing breast surgery. She also stresses the need for precision in this type of surgery as people compare both breasts against each other very critically. Making certain that the breasts match well, is of paramount importance! Sharon elaborates further on her methodology in performing breast surgery. She customizes each procedure for her patients uniquely and uses the best fit for the patient by utilizing the wide variety of techniques and implants on the market.

She prefers working with “Sientra Implants” personally, as they are 5th generation and have a unique gel. What makes the gel special is that it is a cohesive type of gel that completely prevents the Silicone from breaking inside the body, therefore preventing a common misnomer and historical risk factor for many patients. Dr. Sharon explains that today this issue is no longer the case.

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