Secrets of a Natural-Looking Plastic Surgery

The biggest fear while opting for a plastic surgery is the fear of looking artificial and fake after the procedure is complete. Most women also stay away from considering plastic surgery as they believe it will take away their natural glow and make them look like sculpted plastic dolls. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to Read more…

Larger is not always better!

Dr. Armen Vartany, plastic surgeon in Glendale, California, talks about the options in breast augmentation, and going larger. Looking for a Discount? Would you like to get in touch with this surgeon?  

Breast augmentation by Dr D. Van Den Broeck, Apollo Bramwell Hospital in Mauritius

Breast augmentation by Dr D. Van Den Broeck, Brussels, Belgium from Dr D.Van Den Broeck on Vimeo. Dr D.Van Den Broeck, a well known plastic surgeon in Brussels, indicates for whom and how a breast augmentation is done. Indications and technique is explained.