What to do When Exercise Just Isn’t Enough?

Does the following sound familiar: For months, you’ve tried everything in your arsenal of weight-loss tips to tone down the bulk that was hanging off you. With perseverance, you finally started seeing the results and after months of not eating those large cheese pizzas and mutely cursing your friends while they did, you became slimmer and started looking healthier than before. But wait? Why isn’t that last pound dropping off, and what are you going to do about your suddenly flabby skin?

When you start exercising, you forget that our skin isn’t like a rubber band. It won’t snap back into shape as soon as the bulk moves away and that is when the trouble starts. Suddenly we’re hit with the bad news and the good news. Yay, you’re finally reaching your goal weight but boo! What do we do about all this skin and those last extra pounds which just won’t go away, even though you’ve been counting calories like a good kid? That’s where plastic surgery comes in handy.

How a body contouring surgery can give you a new life

According to many plastic surgeons, the one complaint they receive the most from those looking to get plastic surgery after weight loss is that they’ve been working out and dieting and yet, they can’t seem to get their stomach flat. Along with that, the layers of skin that loosens up after losing a large amount of weight can rub up against each other and develop a rash or even an infection and that can become a problem.

According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, over 179,000 Americans went under the knife to get rid of their extra flabs and flaps. Upper arm lifts and thigh lifts were also most demanded procedures with the tummy tucks and breast lift procedures. The reason why so many people opt for a surgery is because even though the weight slowly melts away, the dilemma of our physical features stays. Our skin does not adjust itself to the weight and ends up sagging so even if you work away 50 pounds, the outlook only depresses you more.

Is plastic surgery the safest bet?

You remember when your mom would tell you to put some paste of aspirin on that acne mark so it goes away and it actually worked? While we may wish all we want that our mothers would sprout some other ol’ wives tale to help us, there is no denying that going with the procedure is a much better option.

One of the most popular procedures for plastic surgery is liposuction, and while it may be dangerous for those who are obese, it works very effectively for those who have a little weight left to lose. Areas of your body which do not respond well to exercise and diet actually respond very well to liposuction, and by going with a surgeon who is not only experienced but also recommended, you can have the chance to smoothly sail through the procedure.

Because weight loss is a long process, it can be tiring to still see your body not looking its best even after all that hard work and so by considering the option of plastic surgery, not only will it act as a finishing touch to your body but it will also give you some time to relax from all that effort.

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Contours: Shaping the Body after Massive Weight Loss

The increasing trend towards being fit and physically attractive has compelled many people to work their way towards healthier and more toned bodies. As a result, a vast percentage of people have started working out and opting for procedures such as a gastric bypass to lose the excessive amount of weight burdening their existence.

The only side effect of losing a tremendous amount of weight is the fact that you have to deal with sagging skin and lose tissues all over your body. This factor takes away all the happiness a person should be able to derive from the fact that they have undergone a massive amount of weight reduction.

If you are one such example, battling it out with the extra skin folds and seeing no end to the agony; worry no more. Body sculpting techniques that will give you a complete body makeover are available and provided by highly qualified plastic surgeons that excel at all the artistic maneuvers that are required to shape your body in a safe manner.

What makes your skin sag after weight loss?

If you have lost an overwhelming amount of weight in the past 8-12 months, you will have noticed the fact that the elasticity of your skin has gone down and you are left to deal with numerous skin folds that just won’t shrink down back to their original position despite the passage of time. What could bother you more is keeping clean and finding the right kind of clothes that would accentuate your body properly.

The struggle is even more difficult for women: the extreme droopiness in the bust line and the accompanying reduction in your precious breast volume are extra reasons to keep that cleavage hidden.

How do body contouring techniques help?

There are several techniques that can increase your chances of looking and feeling attractive after your weight loss episode. Fortunately, plastic surgery will help you in getting rid of the excess abdominal skin and pull back those lax muscles to give your lower body a much needed lift. The answer lies in a procedure known as abdominoplasty which is not restricted just to the lower abdomen. Your thighs, buttocks and hips will get sculpted and toned as well. 

In the upper body, the chest and the upper arms (specially the posterior aspect) are the worst affected areas. This is the site of maximum flab and loose skin which presents a disheveled sight. One of the most frequently used techniques for sculpting the arms is a brachioplasty which will give you highly toned arms. Your chest will be appropriately shaped with regard to your gender and you will instantly start feeling good about yourself after the recovery period.

Countless other procedures and treatments are available that target specific problem areas of your body. This means that you will have no complaint about any inch of your body when you leave the clinic.

Safely shaped changes to your body to change the shape of your future

Pain is the primary cause of concern for many patients, however, finding the right qualified plastic surgeon will make the procedure a comfortable experience for you. Both general and local anesthesia is used, as required, to make sure that your transformation to a better you is super smooth.

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