Plastic Surgery – Breaking the Shackles of Antique Stereotypes

Our society has always been known for judging, questioning and criticizing every single thought, idea or process that’s new and unorthodox. Those who’ve had the courage to take the bold step of breaking the stereotypes and have attempted something new and innovative have also faced the wrath of society accordingly.

In today’s age and time, plastic surgery is the new taboo people often get criticized about. As such, many of us may not even have given a second thought to this idea merely because of societal pressures, although we may crave for it secretly.

But what we have to realize is that the world is changed by concrete examples, not by our opinions! Each and every one of us should thus, have the courage to take the best decision about our body, completely uninfluenced by what some else is going to think about it.

Remember, it’s your body. You’ve got every right to give it the shape and texture that you desire and feel good about yourself. You should never feel guilty about it or feel afraid of being looked down upon for the way you choose to look or present yourself. Remember that the people who are criticizing you aren’t telling anything about your personality but everything about theirs.

Be it the process of a nose job, Botox, Facelift or a Breast Augmentation, it’s not too different from getting your hair dyed, your nose pierced or getting a simple tattoo on your body. So who decides the morality or ethicality of any of these procedures and why do we let others take decisions about our intimate affairs and happiness? Why do we feel pressured to gain the acceptance of society all the time while neglecting our own contentment and pleasure?

The answer is simple. We may not have enough courage to remain unscathed by anyone else’s opinions about us. This may make us live a robotic life with a pre-defined set of rules, curbing all natural desires and self-contentment.

And the results of such a life are disastrous. What we attain at the end of a day is a miserable, confused personality with no gleam or sense of pride. This is surely a waste of a beautiful life which could’ve been utterly pleasing and exhilarating had you simply opted to listen to your inner voice rather than the screams of society.

The aftermath of living a miserable life is also much worse than finding the courage to deal with society’s objection for your choice to live life on your own terms. So break the shackles of stereotypes, come out of your shell and give your body the perfect shape and texture that you have always longed for!

Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Those who may judge you for the way you choose to present yourself, simply depict the unhappiness  of their own self So don’t be concerned about the opinions of such individuals.

Learn to put yourself first and find your happiness within. Go after your dream of the perfect, well-toned body.

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Why “Ethnic” is the New Beauty Ideal

Today’s fashion world is becoming increasingly affectionate for multi-culturism and there just isn’t any end to this addiction in sight. Plastic surgery to lift women’s buttocks, to have the breasts enlarged, or to slim the jaw lines are just some of the enhancements, tucks, and tweaks one discovers in places like America where people, inspired by celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, throng to represent their ideals of beauty (read cultural preferences).

These fashion icons with their stronger facial features and a well-defined bone structure have changed the entire perception of beauty in the western world with physical appearance not being as much of a social acceptance as popular beauty ideals. Women and men alike are absolutely mesmerized by the strong presence of ethnic women and the sheer ‘brave’ aura they have.

The New Face of the Modern Woman: Full, thick and dark!

The modern woman no longer has the fragile body and the modest bust line. She no longer has to be a fair damsel with thin lips and pale skin. In today’s modern day and age, women are choosing to boast voluptuous figures, a boldly dark skin and fuller lips. The traditional features of Asian, African and Latin American women are being celebrated and adopted by the western world.

According to Dr. Nancy Etcoff, this dramatic shift in the perception of beauty is surely a sign of the times. Ethnic women are at the very forefront, which just goes to show that the world at large has grown manifold in terms of cultural awareness. From the 50s, when beautiful woman would have thin lips, a pale complexion and a fragile frame, the world is now looking at the new face of divine female beauty: large eyelids, a broad nose and a dark skin that can flaunt any kind of color when it comes to clothing and makeup. This shift in demographics is evident by the fact that a lot of women actually opt for going through with a lot of plastic surgery procedures rendering them a more ethnic look.

The Power of Traditional Looks

The plastic surgery industry is currently earning well over $300 billion dollars after the dramatic shift in the perception of beauty from the early 2000s. Since this time, ethnic women have not only begun to embrace their good looks but have paid it forward like a precious ornament. Now we see cover girls with curvier bodies and well defined eyes.

Not only are ethnic looks preferred for ramps, they are the most sought after body types for lingerie photo shoots. These women are the new face of magazines, movies, and music with their rounder assets leaving the world yearning for more.

With the help of plastic surgery, it is possible to put curves at the right places and in flawless proportion. These procedures are serving as the best way to help women feel beautiful and confident about themselves.

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 How a Face Lift can Change your Life

Face lifts are changing the lives of many people for the better these days. It has become quite a norm to visit a plastic surgeon mostly, after the age of twenty. The numbers showing the sheer amount of procedures done in a single year speak for themselves. Take for instance the number of procedures carried out in the U.S. in the year 2009 alone. The total number of procedures carried out was 103,625 out of which women accounted for 91% of the candidates. Age seemed to be no barrier when it comes to face lifts: 295 candidates were hardly a year or two older than 20.

A face lift is a simple procedure which gives you a ‘put together’ appearance.

What does a face lift involve?

Since every face has unique contours and a particular shape, an expert plastic surgeon will know how to deal with every individual case with precision. For the same reason, it should not be assumed that all surgeries are the same. The main factors that a surgeon will pay attention to are the texture of the skin and the consistency of the patient’s skin.

A word of caution for smokers though: Because smoking prevents proper blood flow to the skin and therefore delays the process of healing, smokers are advised to give up a week before the procedure. Once your doctor has identified all your needs and expectations, you should be ready to get a makeover that’ll leave you confident. The success rate of this procedure is very high and it is credited to take decades off your face.

In sharp contrast to what many people would have you believe, a face lift is virtually painless. Under the influence of a sedative and anesthesia, the patient hardly feels any sensation at all. Some surgeons even prefer to use general anesthesia which puts patients to sleep; happy to wake up to see their brand new selves!

The basic goal of the procedure is to tighten the face muscles with the help of carefully placed incisions which serve as the point of maximum support. These incisions are at the hairline, the temples and around the earlobe, covering the entire face. If the patient happens to have a double chin, a small incision is required to access the underlying tissues and fat and rectify the appearance of the anatomical structure.

Not only does the procedure render you skin which is profoundly firmer and tighter, you will not fail to notice that your contours are much more defined with the help of liposuction where needed. This is the part of the procedure which focuses on the removal of extra fat tissue which gives your face a worn-out and shapeless demeanor.

Lasting for a mere two to four hours, this procedure is a safe and inexpensive way of taking off the effects of time and stress from your face. The results are quick and long lasting, guaranteeing utmost satisfaction.

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How a Tummy Tuck can Increase your Confidence 

With the passage of time, your waist will end up with a lot of undesirable inches. This has a negative impact on your posture and health. So not only do you end up looking bad but you feel terrible as well. The case is the same for men and women alike. The extra folds of fat and skin not only make it difficult to find the right clothes but it is a major hassle when you aim for anything adventurous. Not to mention the number of years it puts on your face and body.

The basic reason of a bulging tummy is the fact that your stomach has gone out of its physiological axis and the abdominal muscles are not too strong enough to restrain the increasing amount of weight of your gastric gland. No doubt, following a healthy diet and exercise routine are immensely helpful tools in losing those inches but the process is painfully slow and takes an overwhelming amount of effort.

An abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is a quick and effective way to reduce your waist overnight. This is a body makeover which has become a trend, a norm and a necessity in all parts of the world. A massive 111,986 procedures were carried out in the U.S. alone in the year 2013.

What are the advantages of this procedure? 

Typically the top of the list in any mommy makeover, a tummy tuck can give you a slimmer waist line, tighter muscles and toned skin. The fact that a majority of post pregnancy women opt for this surgery is encouraging and goes to show how safe and effective this surgery is.

A tummy tuck has many advantages; the obvious are the cosmetic ones. You get a tummy tuck and immediately, you feel like a new person who is happy and confident. But there are deeper and numerous levels on which your body benefits from a tummy tuck.

Many pregnant women can relate when we speak of stress urinary incontinence. This is a problem which makes the affected person leak urine as a consequence of sneezing and coughing etc. Studies have shown that a tummy tuck can greatly reduce the the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Moreover, if you happen to have back ache, a tummy tuck can help take off an incredible amount of weight from your frame thereby eliminating the unnecessary pressure on your backbone.

What is tremendously encouraging is the fact that patients with ventral hernias have also reported massive improvement in their clinical symptoms. Moreover, this procedure also tightens up the medial aspect of the thighs, enhancing their contours. For many women, this is amazing news as it is almost impossible to lose weight from this region.

This process can take off around ten pounds of weight in less than five hours. The transformation is long lasting.

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Improving the Texture of your Skin

Dermabrasion to rejuvenate your skin completely!

A technique using simple tools such as a diamond wheel having rough edges or a wire brush to remove the topmost dead layer of your skin is known as dermabrasion. The primary aim of the treatment is to make sure you have a super smooth skin that feels soft and smooth to the touch.

The thickness of the skin removed depends upon the coarseness of the brush or the burr being used and the speed at which it rotates. Different intensities of pressure may be used for different duration of times by your doctor to render perfection to your skin. This procedure is most frequently used for the removal of scars from the face as well as for the reduction of fine lines from your face. Ancillary problems that can be solved with the help of this procedure are an enlarged nose and any inflammatory skin condition.

The procedure 

The procedure is very simple. Your doctor will clean all the areas that require treatment. With the help of a local anesthetic, your skin will be numbed and ice packs will be kept on your face for a duration of 30 minutes. Some doctors prefer using a cryogenic spray which freezes the superficial layers of your skin. In case your doctor performs deeper abrasions, a stronger anesthetic will be used.  The procedure does not require you to stay the night and is performed on an outpatient basis.

The recovery time 

Depending on the size and extent of abrasions carried out, the damaged skin will give rise to a fresh layer of skin that will be immensely fresh and soft to touch. Generally speaking, it will take around 5-8 days for the healing process to complete and you will soon find yourself going about your daily activities.

The success rate 

Extensively used by a majority of people across the world, dermabrasion is thought to be the key to flawless skin by the world’s most renowned celebrities. After the procedure, visibly smooth and uniform skin is achieved which looks good without having to use intense coverage. As a result of the procedure, the following flaws are eliminated from your skin:

  • Acne scars
  • Deep lines
  • Uneven texture
  • Dull complexion
  • Surgery/injury scars

Some precautions 

When you opt for dermabrasion, you have to keep in mind that sun exposure in the initial days is detrimental to your skin hence, wearing a sunscreen while stepping out in the sun is suggested.

Why go for dermabrasion?

This process is a safe way of resurfacing the top layers of the skin. As a result, you will be able to get baby soft skin that will make you look years younger than your actual age. So brace yourself for a round of compliments coming your way after the treatment.

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How to Take off Twenty Years from your Face Instantly!

Who does not desire to be eternally young and to look ravishing despite the passage of years? Plastic surgery is a safe and effective way of making sure that you look noticeably younger instantly. And what is more striking is, it can take as much as two decades of aging off your face like it was never there!

According to research conducted recently, a group of students were shown the pictures of people who had had plastic surgery. The students estimated the average age of the ‘before’ pictures to be 4 years older than the actual age. When they looked at the ‘after’ pictures of the same patients, they estimated their ages to be 11.23 years younger than their actual age.

The power of plastic surgery to make you look and feel better can simply not be underestimated. From celebrities to the girl-next-door, the doors of plastic surgery are open to anyone who is willing to look their best. The results of plastic surgery are very impressive- drastically altering the texture of the skin and the contours of your face, this procedure can certainly allow you to maintain a youthful look for as long as possible.

Which procedures are the most popular?

Among a total of 60 plastic surgeries, 22 women opted for a face and neck lift, 17 had the same procedures along with a eye lid lift and 21 had all the above mentioned procedures plus a forehead lift. This shows the growing trend towards having a number of procedures to reduce the effects of aging from all parts of your face effectively.

Primarily, a large chunk of the patients opting for these procedures are aged between 45 and 72 years of age. These procedures are equally popular in both the genders.

What are the primary objectives of plastic surgery?

It is a natural desire for all people to look young despite their natural age. This innate desire to achieve physical perfection has been in our species since the very start and is, without a doubt, the best sign of the fittest.

Plastic surgery can help you reverse the hands of time and let you be youthful for as long as you want. The best advantage of getting a cosmetic procedure done is the fact that there are very few restrictions that can come between you and youthfulness. An experienced surgeon knows how to connect the dots to make you appear attractive and make you feel happy about your physical attributes.

Moreover, plastic surgery has several benefits from the medical perspective as well. There are countess examples of patients being saved by the magic of plastic surgery who had been left disfigured as a consequence of an accident.

Are you the right candidate for plastic surgery?

If you are finding it difficult to settle with the sagging skin and the utter lack of tone in your face, then you do not have to make compromises with the features you can easily change.

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An Introduction to Eyelid Surgery

What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a type of plastic surgery involving the correction of any defects, deformities, and disfigurations of the eyelids and in cosmetics, modifying the eyelids to make it look more aesthetically appealing by removing any excess skin, muscle, or fat.

Why Is It Done?

As a person ages, his eyelids may stretch as the muscles weaken and fat might accumulate above or below the eyelids, resulting in sagging or drooping. This not only makes one look older but also affects his vision. A person might be suffering from cancer around the eyelids or other illnesses which can cause deformities or defects in this region. Many war victims and survivors are permanently scarred in around the eyes and the resulting psychological impact can be traumatizing. In any of these cases, an eyelid surgery is performed to solve the problem, help the patient regain his self esteem, and lead a normal life.

It can also be performed for cosmetic purposes to make the eyes look younger and more alert, reducing the wrinkles and improving the shape, making it particularly popular among East Asians.

The Procedure

A routine procedure is performed by making an external surgical incision, by the use of a scalpel or a laser, along the skin lines of the upper and the lower eyelids. In patients with a darker skin tone, excess eyelid skin is often not removed to ensure white scars do not appear. Afterwards the surgeon carefully cuts and removes excess skin, muscle, and fat and then finally finishes by closing the cut. In surgeries involving the lower eyelids, a transconjunctival approach is used, making the incisions directly below the lash line or on the inside of the eyelid. The technique is also perfect for those patients that want extra fat removed or added to their eyelids.

After the operation, a special stitch known as a canthopexy is placed near the outer corner of the lower eyelid, allowing the eyelid’s position to remain fixed while it heals and the stitch dissolves completely in 4 to 5 weeks.

The duration of the whole operation on average is 2 to 3 hours long. The swelling and bruising resulting from the surgery can be expected to last for up to 2 weeks but the time period can be greatly reduced with the use of cool compresses within the first 48 hours; the final result of the surgery however does not become apparent until many months later. The healing process can be quickened by taking active part in light activities like walking and cycling and luckily you need not to compromise on your routine, or worry about the effectiveness of the surgery.

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iLikePlastic sits down with one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in NYC: Meet Dr. Sharon Giese!

Manhattan and New York City have some of the best Plastic Surgeons in the world. iLikePlastic sits down with Dr. Sharon Giese to discuss her practice in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Sharon Giese is one of the most sought after Surgeons in New York City.

Dr. Giese has been in practice for over 15 years. She tells us how much she enjoys her work and that her main focus is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and that she is a fourth generation surgeon within her family; however, she is the first in her family to practice in plastic surgery.

She began her focus on aesthetic plastic surgery early on in medical school and was mentored by Dr. Peter Mckinney at North Western Medical School.

Dr. Giese also discusses the benefit of training with some of the best people in field who were twenty to thirty her senior and how grateful she is to have had such an opportunity. Even though she has only been practicing for something over 15 years she has been publishing and presenting in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for about 25.

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