Secrets of a Natural-Looking Plastic Surgery

breast augmentation

The biggest fear while opting for a plastic surgery is the fear of looking artificial and fake after the procedure is complete. Most women also stay away from considering plastic surgery as they believe it will take away their natural glow and make them look like sculpted plastic dolls.

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that a natural looking facelift is now available which gives your face a fresh, youthful appearance rather than a fake stretch. Similarly, revised and innovative procedures are also available in case of breast augmentation to give you the most natural look possible.

Natural facelift surgery

Due to the hassles of our fast-paced lives, early signs of aging begin to appear on our face which gives a ‘worn-out’ appearance and takes a real toll on our charm and self-confidence.

Therefore, the latest facial rejuvenation procedures do not just tighten or pull the facial skin to make it look ‘operated’, but rather, they rearrange or shift the facial tissues in such a way that it gives the face a fresh ‘youthful appearance’.

Different areas of the face, such as the eyes, nose, cheeks and neck age together. Therefore, the natural-facelift surgery corrects these areas together so that they ‘match’ and the face acquires natural harmony.

The outdated facelift procedures which aimed at only removing excessive skin and rearranging the superficial layer of the face often resulted in a ‘lifted’ appearance. But the natural facelift goes skin deep and rearranges all the layers of the skin including the underlying fat and deep fibrous tissues present beneath the skin. This results in less visible scars and a more natural, youthful appearance.

Also, if any patient doesn’t want to undergo a complete invasive facelift procedure, a less invasive ‘natural lift’ is now available which involves insertion of a hot pointed needle with an interior ultrasound into the skin. This hot needle melts the excessive fat and the skin gets heated-up which gives natural tightening. The melted fat is then very carefully removed from the skin.

Natural breast augmentation

Natural breast augmentation or micro-fat grafting is also an implant-free fat transfer technique which gives your breast a more natural look. It’s simple and less stressful with a quick recovery time.

The patient undergoing the procedure wears an external expander called BRAVA and sleeps for a few weeks. This gel-like brassiere suctions the breast area and creates a sufficient matrix for the fat injections. Due to stretched out fibers, the breast enlarges with continued expansion. Tiny new blood capillaries begin to appear onto the stretched surface in order to accept the fat grafting.

The fat fills up the expanded vascular structure and the normal cellular density gets restored. The breast augmentation gets completed with tissue-engineered fat.

Most of the women who wish to undergo breast augmentation now prefer this method over breast-implants. There are also reduced chances of allergic reactions and the recovery time is much faster.

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