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10 Things They Can’t Tell You Before Breast Augmentation SurgerySarah Blogger

Hey pretty,

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that last May I underwent Breast Augmentation surgery. I’ve told my story and detailed my experiences with The Plastic Surgery Clinic and Dr. Frank Lista for the world to see. To be honest with everyone, it’s been one of my most successful posts and even though I posted it back in October, I still have people reaching out to me weekly asking me questions about the procedure.
The first person to reach out to me who was actually going to see my surgeon (Dr. Lista) was Linda. Her and I have LITERALLY talked every single day since the day she reached out to me. I think because we both went to the same surgeon, we were able to really connect with each other and discuss our experiences, talk about the staff we had, and basically our love for Dr. Lista (lol!). We are now self-appointed “Breasties”!
She recently had her Breast Augmentation done and we decided to write this blog post together and combine our experiences into one. We figured that there is only so much a Patient Coordinator or a Surgeon can tell you about what to expect with a breast augmentation surgery never having gone through one themselves, and that everyone has a totally different experience when it comes to plastic surgery. However, we mashed our brains together and have come up with 5 points each bringing you 10 Things They Can’t Tell You About Having Breast Augmentation Surgery.







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