Is Plastic Surgery Only For The Rich?  

plastic surgery for rich

Even if you’re not one to keep an eye on magazines you’ll know that celebrity surgeries is a topic that is always popular. There is constant debate over whether Ashley Tisdale’s nose job looks great or how well Sylvester Stallone’s forehead lift was done.

As these glittery confessions are laid out in glamour mags, it’s easy to fall under the assumption that only the rich and famous can get plastic surgery. Today we’re going to debunk that myth!

 What the Numbers Say

If you’ve been considering cosmetic surgery but have been worried that it will take a chunk out of your bank account; think again. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed 15,116,353 cosmetic surgeries took place within the USA in one year. This astounding number shows that more and more individuals are opting for cosmetic surgical procedures as the social stigma around the topic is dissipating.

Another study by the ASPS revealed that 30% of the individuals opting for cosmetic surgeries had an annual income of less than $30,000 while 41% earned less than $90,000 annually.

Why the Increase?

There has always been this belief that cosmetic procedures are best reserved for the famous who make a living based on the way they look. As this perception is changing, people are looking to improve their appearance by undergoing effective and affordable procedures.

Another reason for the increase lies behind the changing behaviour of plastic surgeons. As they begin to understand the financial limitations of patients, efforts are being made in order to accommodate them. Many cosmetic surgeons even provide free consultations to patients who are curious about procedures and their costs.

Non-Invasive Methods

Not only is plastic surgery becoming more affordable for the layman, it is also evolving. While celebrities may have the luxury of taking a month or two off after a major cosmetic surgery, not all of us have the time to take out from our commitments and responsibilities. That however doesn’t mean that you should have to forego it simply due to the lack of time. Luckily, cosmetic surgical procedures have evolved to bring to the market non-invasive methods of plastic surgery. More and more people are opting for procedures like Botox to give them a better appearance.

Not only are these procedures cheaper than invasive ones, they also don’t require the patient to dedicate much time to the procedure or recovery. These procedures are perfect for busy individuals looking for a quick, effective, and affordable solution. In fact the numbers show that 13,447,933 of the cosmetic surgical procedures last year were minimally invasive. This number accounts for more than 89% of the total surgical procedures.

The common perception that plastic surgery is only for the rich is changing rapidly. More and more people are now opting for cosmetic procedures, which are not as expensive as they used to be due to the advances in technology. As technology evolves, the risks associated with many procedures have been minimized. It is part of human nature to try to achieve perfection with the help of every available tool. Therefore, cosmetic surgery is becoming more socially acceptable, and will only gain more popularity with time.


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