Plastic Surgery – Breaking the Shackles of Antique Stereotypes

Plastic Surgery

Our society has always been known for judging, questioning and criticizing every single thought, idea or process that’s new and unorthodox. Those who’ve had the courage to take the bold step of breaking the stereotypes and have attempted something new and innovative have also faced the wrath of society accordingly.

In today’s age and time, plastic surgery is the new taboo people often get criticized about. As such, many of us may not even have given a second thought to this idea merely because of societal pressures, although we may crave for it secretly.

But what we have to realize is that the world is changed by concrete examples, not by our opinions! Each and every one of us should thus, have the courage to take the best decision about our body, completely uninfluenced by what some else is going to think about it.

Remember, it’s your body. You’ve got every right to give it the shape and texture that you desire and feel good about yourself. You should never feel guilty about it or feel afraid of being looked down upon for the way you choose to look or present yourself. Remember that the people who are criticizing you aren’t telling anything about your personality but everything about theirs.

Be it the process of a nose job, Botox, Facelift or a Breast Augmentation, it’s not too different from getting your hair dyed, your nose pierced or getting a simple tattoo on your body. So who decides the morality or ethicality of any of these procedures and why do we let others take decisions about our intimate affairs and happiness? Why do we feel pressured to gain the acceptance of society all the time while neglecting our own contentment and pleasure?

The answer is simple. We may not have enough courage to remain unscathed by anyone else’s opinions about us. This may make us live a robotic life with a pre-defined set of rules, curbing all natural desires and self-contentment.

And the results of such a life are disastrous. What we attain at the end of a day is a miserable, confused personality with no gleam or sense of pride. This is surely a waste of a beautiful life which could’ve been utterly pleasing and exhilarating had you simply opted to listen to your inner voice rather than the screams of society.

The aftermath of living a miserable life is also much worse than finding the courage to deal with society’s objection for your choice to live life on your own terms. So break the shackles of stereotypes, come out of your shell and give your body the perfect shape and texture that you have always longed for!

Beauty is in the eye of beholder. Those who may judge you for the way you choose to present yourself, simply depict the unhappiness  of their own self So don’t be concerned about the opinions of such individuals.

Learn to put yourself first and find your happiness within. Go after your dream of the perfect, well-toned body.

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