Plastic Surgery and Social Media

Plastic surgery and Social Media

What better name than to call it the physical photo shop: you have the tools in your hand and you just change your physical features according to your wishes. This is the world’s answer to the obsession of the social media with the way we look. Fixing imperfections, eradicating flaws, toning up loose skin and cutting off the extra piles of fat are just some of the magic spells that a plastic surgeon is proficient at.

There is no denying the fact that our social media tools are very powerful.  You may upload a photo with no intentions of getting famous through it, and you just might wake up to find that it has gone viral overnight. At times, all it takes is ten minutes for a trend to get from one side of the world to the other and become a fashion rule. With the first impression being oh-so-very important for everyone, there is no wonder plastic surgeries have become a norm.

The age of selfies is here!

We make an impression, we break an image: it all happens on social media. With the rise of social networking websites and the overwhelming obsession with selfies drawing attention to personal appearances to a profound degree, plastic surgeries are the first choice of every individual who’s interested in enhancing a bodily feature or two. This obsession was completely unheard of in the past as there were no social tools to promote self images to a wider audience in a swift manner.

The quick makeovers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if we were to tell you that plastic surgeons have come up with smarter and quicker solutions to rid your face of any imperfections instantly. Introducing the art of botox and fillers to straighten out those ‘cankles’ that reduce your charm. The hand makeovers are the new thing which help consumers achieve results as quickly as thirty minutes.

The magic procedures

The eye of the camera definitely doesn’t stop at your face. It seeks perfection in all areas of your body for which plastic surgeons have the perfect answer. You will be amazed at the sheer number of bigger busts, flatter torsos and sharper noses in your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook newsfeed. Moreover, there is no age restriction to this addiction. Some call it hyper- vanity but even the critics have to succumb to the power of good looks and have themselves undergone the knife to fix some flaws.

The ‘Likes’ that matter!

People judge their popularity by the number of ‘likes’ they get on their pictures. They would adapt the look people voted for the most and completely do away with the ones that faced rejection. This is true for teenagers and adults alike. Considering the fact that you start your day with your phone in your hand and end it with the same gadget, the presence of social media in our personal lives is tremendous.

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