Multiple Surgeries- Why Have One When You Can Have it All?

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You must have seen celebrities getting multiple surgeries to get a makeover that helps them with their career. What many people question is: is it safe? The fact that multiple surgeries heal in the same recovery time is the most encouraging thought that has promoted the idea of multiple surgeries.  Many people opt for more than five surgeries at the same time so that they can look better and feel better about themselves.

The increasing trend towards making sure that every single inch of your body is sculpted to perfection is very widespread in this time and age. Achieving this is very difficult if you persevere through diet and exercise only. It will take endless years till you can achieve your goal and even then, you will notice that several deficiencies are still left.

Dramatic Change All At Once: Faster Results, Better you!

For many patients and their plastic surgeons alike, just one procedure is not enough. Recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that a staggering 42% of all plastic surgeries carried out in the year 2009 alone were based on multiple procedures. The trend has gone up by an astounding 34% in the latter years. This just goes to show the higher incidence of patients expecting drastic changes and achieving them, practically, within the blink of an eye!

The Results: Safe, Secure, Swift!

The best criteria, that guarantee the safety of multiple surgeries, are an amazing anesthesiologist coupled with a healthy patient. If you fall under both the aforementioned categories, then you are the right candidate for these procedures. This is so because there is a defined time limit which allows the surgeon to make the magic happened that will make the patient feel happy.

This so-called ‘one stop chop’ is the best bet for patients because:

  • The desired results are achieved quickly
  • Reduction in total time spent in the Operation Theater
  • Tremendous amount of money saved on anesthesia
  • Less expenditure on the medical facility’s fees

With all of these advantages in hand, no wonder patients opt for multiple surgeries all at the same time. Plus, if the patients have a family at home, having several procedures reduces the ‘absence from home time’.

The Clinical Advantages

Going into the OT terrifies many people. But the fact that you can have multiple plastic surgeries at the same time reduces the number of times you’ll get anesthesia. Many patients go for the killer combination of a face lift, a brow lift, a forehead lift and couple it with breast augmentation to get extreme makeovers. The added advantage of using fillers and botox to improve the texture of your skin only make the experience even more fruitful.

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