Misconceptions Surrounding Plastic Surgery

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Times have surely changed when it comes to plastic surgery. Ten years ago cosmetic surgery was considered a drastic and dramatic undertaking which was only considered for the extremely wealthy, or for those with medical needs that required a corrective procedure. Due to new technology, improvements in procedure techniques, and more information available about plastic surgery, the former view of cosmetic surgery is completely outdated.

Even though plastic surgery has been improved dramatically, many individuals who are interested in a procedure don’t have the proper information needed to understand the latest technology and new options. This leads to many misconceptions regarding plastic surgery. Let’s delve into a few of them:

Myth: Plastic surgery requires massive downtime. This cannot be farther from the truth. There are many options and procedures that require little downtime. If you are interested in a procedure it’s best to reach out to a Plastic Surgeon for a consultation and discuss options. You should be able to get information regarding downtime and an outline of what to expect during the recovery process for each procedure you are looking into. Getting information regarding the recovery process and how long you will need to refrain from work/exercise after your procedure is crucial information to help your procedure go smoothly. Planning ahead to make sure you have a day off work, child care, or a clear social calendar if needed can be key in a smooth recovery process.

Myth: Women who get plastic surgery are vain. Many women who choose not to get plastic surgery because they don’t want to be seen as “vain”; however, they end up spending money on makeup or other products to help hide the issue that is bothering them. If you do have a facial or body feature that is bothering you, getting it fixed can be a self empowering experience and actually give you more confidence to pursue new avenues in life.

Myth: You can tell when someone gets plastic surgery. Plastic surgery cases that are highlighted in the news are drastic and usually not the most ideal examples. It’s important to realize that many Plastic Surgeons are very talented and specialize in creating very natural looking results with their plastic surgery. Breast Augmentation is one procedure that has come a long way in terms of looking natural. Many new implants are designed to look extremely natural. If you desire natural results be sure to research the Plastic Surgeon you are choosing and clarify during your consultation that you are looking for subtle and natural looking changes.


Myth: Plastic Surgery will break the bank. There are many financing options available for most plastic surgery procedures. Also, companies that supply products for the procedures offer reward points that can help you save. There are credit cards available that are uniquely designed for beauty and plastic surgery needs which allows you to finance your plastic surgery over several months. Lastly, if your procedure is medically related there is a chance your health care may cover part of it. Each insurance provider should have a page that covers their policy on cosmetic surgery, and even if the surgery is not covered you may receive a preferred rate on many cosmetic procedures.

The modern woman and man can use plastic surgery as a way to boost their confidence. If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure realize that there are many options available. You may be surprised in terms of how quickly you can recover and how natural the results can look.

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