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Check out our In-House services. We offer Marketing Services and Web Services exclusively to Plastic Surgeons.

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You may have realized that iLikePlastic is much more than a simple Plastic Surgeon Directory. Even our directory has built in ratings, reviews, before and after image galleries, social sharing, video marketing, social bookmarking, direct contact and even google map directions to your clinic!

We’re also a social network for patients and surgeons alike. Being a social community,  the more involved you are on iLikePlastic the more recognition you will get. In short iLikePlastic is not just a directory service but a powerful publicity engine for plastic surgeons.

You also have access to a set of tools that will help you gain recognition and affinity. Getting noticed on iLikePlastic is easy! Have a look below at your new set of tools!

Surgeons Tools

Submit Featured Video

As a Premium iLikePlastic Surgeon you have the ability to post Video’s to our Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Video Feed as well as to the Site’s wide Activity stream.

Please click the link below and submit your Video to us for review.

We accept Video from Youtube and Vimeo, all you have to do is provide us the link! It’s that easy! Don’t have Video? Check out our

Video Marketing for Plastic Surgeons page.Submit Featured Video »

Submit Featured Article

As a registered iLikePlastic Surgeon take advantage of our large audience who visit us daily to read articles by the World’s foremost experts! You can now submit articles to our News Feed anytime!

This will provide you more exposure and increase your reputation as an authority on the subject of Plastic Surgery.Submit Article »

Submit Your Promotion

Patients are on the look out for promotions specially when it comes to costly plastic surgery.

Take advantage of this great tool that helps patients stay in tune with your business offers while serving as a regular reminder. The more you post the more familiar your patients are with your practice and your name.

Your Promotion is posted instantly and broadcasted through our Social Media.Submit My Promotion »

My Directory Dashboard

The iLikePlastic Directory Dashboard allows you to modify your Directory Listing and make changes to your account, such as upgrading to a premium account, renewing your subscription, purchasing Directory related Add-Ons as well as managing your Reviews and Ratings.

Another very important component is the Images, Image Ratings, Comments and Reviews. Before and After images are always a great way to showcase your work.

Remember to stay active on iLikePlastic so that you get noticed. By uploading images to your listing you will increase your exposure drastically.

We recommend that you ask your  patients to leave you a review here as well as submit a Selfie!Visit My Dashboard »

Get Active On Q&A

Becoming active on iLikePlastic is an integral part of becoming well known throughout our community. Aside from posting Authoritative Articles and Videos on Plastic Surgery, we also offer our clients a Question and Answer service where they can seek further information and clarification on procedures they are interested in. By taking part in the Q&A section of our website you are helping countless potential patients understand the specifics pertaining to many aspects of Plastic Surgery.

All Q&A activity is published across our Community network and will be seen in the Site Activity feed by our many users. For that reason, it is recommended that you visit this section and share your expertise as often as you can to increase exposure and shed light on many questions patients may have.Visit Q&A »

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How do you gain more exposure?

There are many ways to gain exposure whether you have a basic listing or a premium membership. Depending on your membership type, you can take advantage of the different functions available such as posting articles, promotions, social media sharing and much more.

What if you need more?

Becoming an iLikePlastic premium member allows your listing to be featured ahead of everyone else in local search results.

Want to stand out?

We offer Advertising space throughout the site in various sizes when available. To purchase your advertising space, click the link below. We also offer Graphic Design services for your Advertisement.Advertise with iLikeplastic »

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