Ladies, Make Sure They Match!

Dr.Sharon talks about her experience in doing a breast fellowship at Georgetown University. She explains how she has always enjoyed performing breast surgery. She also stresses the need for precision in this type of surgery as people compare both breasts against each other very critically. Making certain that the breasts match well, is of paramount importance! Sharon elaborates further on her methodology in performing breast surgery. She customizes each procedure for her patients uniquely and uses the best fit for the patient by utilizing the wide variety of techniques and implants on the market.

She prefers working with “Sientra Implants” personally, as they are 5th generation and have a unique gel. What makes the gel special is that it is a cohesive type of gel that completely prevents the Silicone from breaking inside the body, therefore preventing a common misnomer and historical risk factor for many patients. Dr. Sharon explains that today this issue is no longer the case.

Dr. Sharon Giese is one of the most sought after Surgeons in New York. This is a video interview with Dr. Sharon by iLikePlastic. Please visit us at for more information. Are you a Plastic Surgeon? Please visit The Surgeon’s Hot Spot!


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