Healing and Plastic Surgery

ilikeplastic-2634Healing after plastic surgery depends on a variety of factors, such as the extent of your surgery, the body parts treated and the type of notches that were performed during the surgery. Faster healing will also depend on your general health before the surgery and your immune system’s capacity to fight infections.

Faster healing?

Depending on the significance of your surgery, you may just require rest or you may have to take medications or apply special creams. Its important to take abundant rest to heal quickly so rest as much as possible. This indicates you are not allowed to exercise, vigorous movements and lifting heavy objects, even though your surgery may seem unrelated to the muscles you are using. Physical movement can lead to blood pulling towards a certain area and causing swelling and bruising.

Recovery, Speedy or Slow?

Patients should Avoid all kinds alcohol &drinking. Drinking not only slows healing, but you are likely to be taking antibiotics, which must not be mixed with alcoholic drinks. You should stay away from any types of pills or supplements, even vitamins, unless its approved by your doctor, and avoid smoking. Those cause toxins to accumulate in the blood and therefore slow healing. You should drink many caffeine-free fluids especially water and milk. Staying hydrated will quicken the healing process and help you flush the drugs from your blood circulation system.
In any case, you need to stick to the instructions and take the additional steps prescribed by your doctor to heal quickly.

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