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ilikeplastic is a unique online platform which provides an exciting and innovating new medium to connect plastic surgery seekers to the right plastic surgeons.

As a result of all the volumes and information on the world wide web, the noise and traffic has become unbearable. We make it easy to learn, research and make concise decisions by providing you with an in-depth look at the various procedures and combining that with the best industry professionals.

We provide information, tools and resources that allow to learn more about plastic surgery procedures from the best professionals helping you make an informed decision when seeking a cosmetics surgery.

ilikeplastic helps you look and feel your best!


  • Have you been thinking of plastic surgery for quite some time?
  • Are you happy with your appearance but would like to take that to the next level?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the amount and volume of information available on the world wide web and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you seeking a more youthful appearance because that is how you feel inside?
  • Do you have limited time but want to use that to look at a number of options from the comfort of your own home?
  • Do you need an online source that can help you use your time wisely while you find the perfect plastic surgeon?
  • At ilikeplastic, we make it easier to connect you to all the right resources and tools that will allow you to learn more about the procedure you are seeking from the best professionals.
  • We help through the use of articles, videos as well as our sought after directory in connecting you to the right plastic surgeon.
  • We assist you throughout the entire process from start to finish, easily and effectively while you make an informed decision and one where you rest assured you have made the right investment.

At ilikeplastic, we strive to be the number one source for all things plastic surgery. We provide one medium and one platform to connect you to all the resources and tools you need to use to connect to the right plastic surgeon, for your specific cosmetic procedure requirements.

Whether you were thinking of a small procedure to enhance your appearance or perhaps one that requires more specialization, we assist you in finding the right surgeon that will better understand your specific requirements and concerns.
Using ilikeplastic’s resources such as articles, videos, promotions as well as our sought after directory, can make your search easier, faster and provide you peace of mind knowing you have many options whether in your home country or outside of it.

ilikeplastic connects you to the world of plastic surgery both locally as well as internationally with surgeons joining ilikeplastic from all around the world.
For many of us, it feels great to keep a youthful appearance that can help enhance our life in many regards and while having the best plastic surgeons as part of ilikeplastic, with many years of experience as well as state of the art facilities, we understand that patients need a resource to make the search easier considering the amount of information available on the net. ilikeplastic helps you navigate the different resources to connect with a plastic surgeon whom you can put your trust in to carry out your surgery.
From the comfort of your home and on your own time, whether you are set on what surgery you would like or still not sure, we can help you start your search from start to finish.

At ilikeplastic our number one priority is patient care and we provide that by including as many options and resources, removing any pressure that may accompany the conventional way of going about considering your surgery as well as ensuring your time and money are both invested in the best approach possible.

We are privileged to connect you to the world of plastic surgery while we provide you all the tools to help you achieve your best.
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Plastic Surgery Directory and ResourceiLikePlastic is an all in one solution for everything related to plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. You can “Find a Surgeon Near Me” with our Plastic Surgeon Directory. The iLikePlastic Surgeon Directory is a wonderful tool that is packed with user friendly features, making it easy for you to find the right plastic surgeon! The directory runs  on a “Google Maps” system allowing you to locate a Cosmetic Surgeon that is close! It also can give you accurate directions from your front door all the way to the clinic!

Now you probably aren’t going to choose your Cosmetic Surgeon based on how close they are to you alone. You will have take into account many factors when deciding which Plastic Surgeon is the right fit!

Our Directory comes with a built in reviews system for each of our surgeons, as well as a host of before and after plastic surgery pictures. This is great information to have, however even with all this beneficial information, there are still going to be questions as well as other deciding factors, such as:


  • Plastic surgery cost.
  • Plastic Surgeons location.


    • The level of experience the Plastic Surgeon has pertaining to your particular procedure.


  • Method of procedure as there can be several options for undergoing different plastic surgery procedures.
  • Your level of comfort with the Surgeon
  • Timing, as many of our top Plastic Surgeons can have a waiting list.


Finding the right Plastic Surgeon is imperative as deciding to have a surgical procedure is a big decision.

Here at iLikePlastic we have working relationships with many surgeons and can help you along with referrals and recommendations!

We can provide you with an initial consultation as well as set up your consultation with the surgeon of choice. We’re here to help!

If you have questions or concerns and would like to get input, you can use our Question and Answer section which is popular in our community and Surgeons visit often! We have a large Social Network comprised of Patients and Cosmetic Surgeons! The Q&A section is frequented by both and you may find that many of the iLikePlastic patients with personal experience can be helpful as well! We even have a credibility points system in place so you can identify the most helpful members based on their previous contributions to the site! Our Plastic Surgeon community is always visiting this area to help in answering questions and concerns.

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