EarWell™ and the Infant Ear Correction System

Wouldn’t it be great if you could correct your baby’s ear shape abnormality without surgery? With the EarWell infant ear molding device, non-surgical correction may now be possible for your newborn child. Learn more about this exciting new ear correction technique! – kidsplasticsurgery.org

According to the CDC each year a 3% of children in the U.S. are born with Congenital Birth Defects. Among the most prominent birth defects are ear deformities. Often correction of these deformities require expensive plastic surgery as well as painful procedures for the children.

We would like to talk a little bit about a revolutionary new treatment for many of these ear defects which occur in childbirth. I like plastic is introducing to our visitors EarWell™. EarWell™ was developed by a Dr. Steve Byrd, and his team at Becon Medical in Naperville, Illinois.

Why? the Why is simple

A) Many Families cannot afford expensive surgeries to correct their children’s misshapen ears.

B) Most Insurance Providers will not pay for ear corection.

C) Though surgery has become quite safe and effective the new alternative does not have any adverse effects, such as : Painful surgery, recurrence of deformity,  need for anesthesia, unforeseen complications.

What ear deformities can this method correct?

  • Stahl’s ear
  • lop ear
  • lidding
  • conchal crus
  • helical
  • cup ear
  • Prominent ear
  • compression

What exactly is this Earwell treatment?

It’s an ear correction system that can correct up to 90% of ear deformities without surgery!


So how does it work?

There are four components to this procedure/ process first of all a posterior cradle is fitted over the ear and adheres to the skin on the backside of the ear, A retractor which creates the shape of the ears rim will will be put in place as well as a conical former which is used to shape the center of the ear finally the shell that holds it all together.

How does it work so well

If  correction of deformities of the external ear is applied within the first 6 weeks of life, it is quite easy for this system to aide in formation of a normal shape of the ear.  The reason for this is during this time frame there are circulating maternal hormones in the child. In other terms this state is where the ear cartilage to remains pliable and therefore molding the ear frame into the corrective position allowing for the cartilage to harden in the proper and desired shape.

These 4 components make up the EarWell™ System

with use- over time the system will reshape the deformed cartilage of the ear creating the shape of a normal ear.

How Long is the system worn?

The EarWell device needs to be worn for 4-6 weeks to help hold the new shape while the cartilage is forming.

Are there any adverse effects or risks?

In some cases there will be irritation of the skin due to the pressure of the device or due to the adhesive used to hold the EarWell™in place. Moisture can also cause some bit of irritation.

How much does the EarWell™ System cost?

The price varies depending on which specialist you see, as well as your geographical location. In many cases throughout the US the EarWell™ system is covered by most insurance providers.

If you would like help finding an EarWell™ System specialist please contact us and we would be happy to connect you with the right specialist.


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