Dr Helen Colen M.D. On Patient Consultations

Dr. Helen explains that humans not only communicate by words but also by body language and by understanding more than just words, she was able to better connect to her patients individually where she can understand what works for one patient versus another. She also takes her time to learn about her patients and what they are looking to achieve through surgery. This is of paramount importance for Dr. Helen as she understands the long term effects of plastic surgery.

Being able to effortlessly assess what works best comes only after extensive experience and meeting thousands of patients as Dr. Helen shares and is able to do.

Dr. Helen adds: surgery that changes the look has a lot of psychology and a large influence on life and for that reason should be taken very seriously. She also understands the sensitivity of the information her patients share in the consultation and ensures she takes away any insecure feelings a patient may have so that they are comfortable. From there, she helps the patient decide on the best option to address their concern.


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