Debunking the Top Myths about BOTOX®

BOTOX® is a very well established treatment, and it’s used on a wide variety of things – much more than just in wrinkle treatment. In fact, it’s used on some of the most common medical conditions in the world, and it’s one of the most widely used and researched medicines in existence.

17 million people have been treated with BOTOX® since its invention, and with a satisfaction rate around 97%, BOTOX® is here to stay. That being said, there have been many myths concocted about it, and these deserve to be debunked. Some of the most common BOTOX® myths are:

  • You will lose your facial expression.

While there are risks associated with bad doctors and bad practices, in the hands of any skilled and experienced specialist you’ll still be completely in control of your facial expressions, and able to smile and frown as normal. BOTOX® is a relaxing agent, meaning that your muscles will feel exactly the same – albeit a little more relaxed.

  • I don’t want to inject myself with botulism.

BOTOX® is not food poisoning! It is a scientifically purified substance that has a well-known safety profile as well as extensive testing and researching. The number of negative reactions reported has been minimal, and almost all of the horror stories that you hear about are embellished by the media.

  • It’s painful.

BOTOX® or other facial filler treatments should never be painful. In fact, the treatment simply uses a small amount of liquid underneath the skin, so the pain is very minimal and requires no general anesthetic. Best of all, you’ll be able to go about your daily life after treatment with little to no restrictions.

  • It’s very expensive.

It’s a very common misconception that BOTOX® treatments are extremely expensive, but they aren’t. In fact, the treatment is highly affordable – especially considering what other kinds of things we typically spend money on every day.

The bottom line is: you simply cannot get the same rejuvenating effects without a treatment. Some lotions suggest that they do the same things for your skin, but these are unreliable at best. Instead, let an experienced cosmetic surgeon bring you an immediate, positive change – and don’t let myths get in the way of your new you.


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