The Lip Job and the Real job: The Impact of Plastic Surgery on Your Career

It may sound a little difficult to believe but cosmetic surgery may actually have a positive effect on your career. In fact, studies have even related cosmetic surgery to success in the workplace.

In every debate, however there are naysayers who will be waving their college degrees in front of anyone who will listen citing quite the opposite.

Job security is most precariously balanced in today’s economy and while that college degree will definitely be contributing to your success, cosmetic surgical procedures can actually provide you with that little step up that you have  always needed.

Physical Appearance and Capabilities

There is a lot of emphasis on image in the workplace and many relate appearance to the level of capabilities. Have you ever seen someone and thought, ‘They look like fun’ or ‘They’re so serious and unapproachable’. No matter what their actual personalities are like, these thoughts tend to bounce off our heads involuntarily. While these perceptions hold no meaning they do shape our opinions about people.

Cosmetic Surgery in the workplace

There is a current demand in cosmetic surgery in the workplace to look younger. This is because youth directly translates to vitality, fitness, and health. Youth has now become interchangeable with freshness and innovation which are greatly sought after in today’s economy.

People have started viewing themselves as brands to sell to employers. This means that you need to show them your best face (no pun intended) at the workplace.

Today there are certain procedures that have gained popularity over the years and are known for their effectiveness when it comes to progress within your career.  Everyone is unique in their own way, and these cosmetic procedures have been known to look great for most individuals.

Popular Surgeries for the Workforce

One of the most popular surgeries today are eyelid surgeries which has become the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure in the USA.

Another cosmetic procedure that is popular is that of teeth whitening as they grey with age. Many individuals also opt for nose jobs or the removal of dark circles beneath their eyes. Mini facelifts and a new procedure known as ultherapy have also been gaining traction over the past 5 years. These procedures are aimed towards tightening the face and making candidates look younger.

Cosmetic surgical procedures now provide advanced corrective solutions for people. When making a choice of surgery, understand what you want and do thorough research.

You may also have heard the age old adage that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Well, plastic surgery too is more than skin deep. In fact, it just might be the little angel whispering encouragements in your ear (one thing we all need in the competitive workforce).

The Effect on the Subconscious

The effects of cosmetic surgery in the workplace go much deeper than that of other people’s perceptions. In fact cosmetic surgery may have an immediate effect on your personal behavior which may translate in the workplace.

Plastic surgery is known to boost confidence and increase self esteem. This improved attitude will allow you to be proactive and exude confidence in the task that you undertake. Plastic surgery may play a psychological role on the manner in which you behave at the workplace.

In a Nutshell

There is no denying that the physical appearance of a person has an immediate and lasting effect on the manner in which we perceive them. This is especially true for first time impressions when you haven’t quite spoken to the individual yet.

Physical appearance has always been an important determinant not only at the time of recruitment but also along the duration of the job. Cosmetic surgery can help you on your way to success and help you leave an impression wherever you go.


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