CoolSculpting: A Quick way to Remove Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting, lose weight!

What is CoolSculpting? 

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure involving the use of a controlled cooling device in order to freeze and destroy excess fat.  In some cases, multiple areas can be treated at a time with this procedure.

About the Treatment 

The device called the CoolSculpting applicator pinches the area where the fat is located and the cooling plates lower the temperature to a specific amount where the fat cells crystallize and permanently die off while your nerves, blood vessels, and skin remain intact and unharmed. A typical procedure lasts for about an hour and kills about 20% of the fat cells. The results are not immediately noticeable. You hardly notice any change in size, but gradually over the weeks as your body burns the released fat from the dead fatty cells, the treated portion slowly began to reduce in size. In the U.S., this treatment will cost you an average of $1,975.

When Should One Consider CoolSculpting to Remove Body Fat?

One should be aware that unlike liposuction or other fat removal techniques, CoolSculpting does not suck out fat or cause weight loss. Ideally, one should consider this only if they are 20 to 30 pounds above the required weight and are not in the process of gaining any more. It is primarily suited for treating areas like loves handles, stomach rolls, and arm fat or any other area that is feasible for the applicator to work on.

What are the Risks Involved?

Yes there are risks, but occurrence is extremely rare and the level of safety is far greater than that of many other fat reducing methods. Thousands of CoolSculpting procedures are performed every year without any problem or any report of injuries or complications occurring. Most people feel almost no pain during the procedure and commonly occurring side effects like numbness and bruising are mild and require no medical attention. In some patients, the numbness can last for longer duration but carry no health risk.

CoolSculpting vs. Other Common Fat Removal Methods

Although the procedure is essentially painless, about one out of 100 may report some sort of pain during the treatment process but compare this to other fat reduction methods like liposuction where there is a 100 % chance of feeling pain during the procedure. The added benefit of CoolSculpting over liposuction is the lower cost, lower serious health risks and downtime plus zero risk of temporary or permanent disfigurement. CoolSculpting also hold a major advantage to laser and radiofrequency methods; it permanently destroys the fat cells while the other two methods do not. There is another method (lipodissolve) that does destroy fat cells but the process is more time consuming and less effective.  However as stated above, if you are gaining weight or have a lot of extra weight, you might want to consider all options to determine what works best.

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