iLikePlastic Presents Dr. Helen S. Colon. M.D.

Dr. Helen is a high profile and sought after plastic surgeon from Manhattan who appeared on the Best Doctors list of New York magazine and named one of New York City’s “Super Doctors” for 2015. She was also featured on Glamour Magazine, US, Self, Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

She also appeared on The Early Show, Oprah Show, John Rivers Show and CNBC Morning.

Dr. Helen has a lot of passion for Aesthetics and life that shows through her work.

Dr Helen Colen On The Clinic

Dr. Helen ensures she creates a special environment for patients in her clinic, with optimal design, using comforting colours and attention to detail, all of which deliver a soothing, comfortable and unique experience for patients.

Dr. Helen has a high appreciation for Beauty, Art and Aesthetic that shows both through her work and her prestigious clinic.

Dr Helen Colen On Plastic Surgery

Dr. Helen understands the responsibility she has as a plastic surgeon as she explains that choosing a plastic surgeon means that a patient has placed a lot of trust in them.

She also adds that Plastic surgery is about aesthetics, psychology and surgery making plastic surgery the only field where surgery is only a part of it.

To choose the right plastic surgeon she advises to look for a surgeon that one can feel they can trust, a surgeon who is well trained, and who understands the patient and their specific requirement.

Dr. Helen’s approach stands out as she focuses on her patients, how they can be more comfortable, more confident while maintaining the individuality of the patient. This allows Dr. Helen to improve what patients already has as a unique individual. This approach not only preserves a patients uniqueness and charm but also addresses the fear that many have of plastic surgery. With the right plastic surgeon, patients should still maintain what they have while improving it not changing it. This once again is attached to psychology and ensures that patients feel in sync on the inside and the outside.

Dr Helen Colen M.D. On Patient Consultations

Dr. Helen explains that humans not only communicate by words but also by body language and by understanding more than just words, she was able to better connect to her patients individually where she can understand what works for one patient versus another. She also takes her time to learn about her patients and what they are looking to achieve through surgery. This is of paramount importance for Dr. Helen as she understands the long term effects of plastic surgery.

Being able to effortlessly assess what works best comes only after extensive experience and meeting thousands of patients as Dr. Helen shares and is able to do.

Dr. Helen adds: surgery that changes the look has a lot of psychology and a large influence on life and for that reason should be taken very seriously. She also understands the sensitivity of the information her patients share in the consultation and ensures she takes away any insecure feelings a patient may have so that they are comfortable. From there, she helps the patient decide on the best option to address their concern.

Dr. Helen Colen – Client Stories

Dr. Helen shares memorable stories where she was able to make a huge difference in her patients life with plastic surgery. She had three patients who came into the emergency room requiring a great deal of attention and a special set of skills and training. Only a very well trained surgeon in Microsurgery would be able to handle such patients.

Watch the video to get the details on how Dr. Helen touched the lives of her patients doing something she learned and loved to do!

Dr. Helen also tells us about her appearance on Joan Rivers Show where other patients share their stories and experience undergoing plastic surgery and the positive implications it had on their lives and with the help of Dr. Helen.

Dr. Helen is certainly very modest as she describes taking her patients through a journey, one where she can make her patient believe that they can and able!

Ladies, Make Sure They Match!

Dr.Sharon talks about her experience in doing a breast fellowship at Georgetown University. She explains how she has always enjoyed performing breast surgery. She also stresses the need for precision in this type of surgery as people compare both breasts against each other very critically. Making certain that the breasts match well, is of paramount importance! Sharon elaborates further on her methodology in performing breast surgery. She customizes each procedure for her patients uniquely and uses the best fit for the patient by utilizing the wide variety of techniques and implants on the market.

She prefers working with “Sientra Implants” personally, as they are 5th generation and have a unique gel. What makes the gel special is that it is a cohesive type of gel that completely prevents the Silicone from breaking inside the body, therefore preventing a common misnomer and historical risk factor for many patients. Dr. Sharon explains that today this issue is no longer the case.

Dr. Sharon Giese is one of the most sought after Surgeons in New York. This is a video interview with Dr. Sharon by iLikePlastic. Please visit us at for more information. Are you a Plastic Surgeon? Please visit The Surgeon’s Hot Spot!

Dr. Manolakakis Feature


iLikePlastic meets with one of the most prominent facial surgeons in the united states, Dr.Manoli Manolakakis of Advanced Facial Surgery in Shrewsbury New Jersey. He explains that not only is he an aesthetic facial surgeon but also specialized in reconstructive facial surgery.

Dr. Manolakakis is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon and is uniquely qualified in the treatment of patients from bone through to the skins surface. Dr. Manolakakis shows us around the Advanced Facial Surgery state of the art facility and explains to us that a large part of his passion is teaching residents in reconstructive surgery of the face.

There is no doubt that Dr. Manolakakis and his staff are among the most qualified and talented in the field.

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Her Signature Procedure! “The Natural lift” a minimally invasive alternative for a Facelift

Dr. Sharon Giese discussed her signature procedure, the “The Natural lift” a minimally invasive alternative for a Facelift. This procedure she explains, is intended for all of the women who don’t want a Facelift or want to put off the time of having one. An innovative way of treating the excess fat in the neck and the jowl area. Dr. Sharon believes that 80% of women age with this pattern, in where the grow a little neck and jowl fat. The procedure does not involve a scalpel but a small needle with an internal ultra sound with a hot tip. This mealternative to a faceliftlts the fat areas very precisely and heats up the skin that give skin tightening. She then removes that fat very carefully. In total, the procedure removes a significant amount of up to 60 cc’s of fat from the Neck and Jowl area. This leaves a Significant result. In addition, Dr. Sharon can take this fat and redistribute it in other areas of the face! Some of the popular areas include the lips, laugh lines and the cheek area. “The Natural Lift” is a quick procedure and is done in the office in under an hour! Sharon also mentions that you can be back to work within 4 days and as the swelling goes down gradually nobody will know, so if you want to keep it a secret you can!

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What does Dr. Giese do differently than most?

New york plastic surgeonDr. Sharon Giese is one of the most sought after Surgeons in New York. In this segment, Dr. Giese explains to iLikePlastic how her approach to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery sets her apart from most other surgeons. She focuses more so on a natural look and approach to rejuvenation. She believes that most patients aren’t interested in advertising that they have had work done, and would prefer a kind compliment as looking refreshed opposed to looking as though “they’ve had work done”.

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iLikePlastic sits down with one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in NYC: Meet Dr. Sharon Giese!

Manhattan and New York City have some of the best Plastic Surgeons in the world. iLikePlastic sits down with Dr. Sharon Giese to discuss her practice in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Sharon Giese is one of the most sought after Surgeons in New York City.

Dr. Giese has been in practice for over 15 years. She tells us how much she enjoys her work and that her main focus is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and that she is a fourth generation surgeon within her family; however, she is the first in her family to practice in plastic surgery.

She began her focus on aesthetic plastic surgery early on in medical school and was mentored by Dr. Peter Mckinney at North Western Medical School.

Dr. Giese also discusses the benefit of training with some of the best people in field who were twenty to thirty her senior and how grateful she is to have had such an opportunity. Even though she has only been practicing for something over 15 years she has been publishing and presenting in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for about 25.

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