Should You Get Plastic Surgery: The Definitive Guide

As cosmetics surgical procedures have become more affordable and socially acceptable, people have begun to be more open to undergoing plastic surgery. Opting for a cosmetic surgical procedure, especially if it’s an invasive one, is a big decision which needs to be made with care and deliberation. You need to first understand what motivated you to consider plastic surgery in the first place.

Motivations for Plastic Surgery

There are millions of reasons why people have plastic surgery and each one of them varies according to the individual. Since everyone is born unique, so are the reasons behind the decision. In fact, even when you find yourself sitting in the office of the cosmetic surgeon, you will be faced by the same question.

The plastic surgeon will ask this question for multiple reasons. It will allow them to get an idea of what you will gain from the surgery and whether you stand to benefit from it.

Most of the reasons behind opting for cosmetic surgery are either psychological or social. You need to understand how the cosmetic procedure will fulfill your goals. Understand whether the motivations are internal or external. Understand whether you’re getting the surgery for yourself or for others. Do you expect people’s perceptions of you to change after the surgery?

If you have been considering plastic surgery for a long time and are prepared for the changes that will take place as a result of the procedure then you are prepared.

Another thing to consider is whether you will be a good candidate for the procedures. If you have any health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart disease or a bleeding disorder, you may not be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. Excessive alcohol consumption and obesity may also affect you as a candidate for cosmetic surgery.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Surgery

No matter what procedure you are opting for, it is important to ask these questions before making any concrete decisions.

What Are The Possible Complications?

Understand what complications may arise as a result of the surgery and weigh them against the advantages of the procedures. Ascertain whether the pros outweigh the cons and vice versa, in the end it is your call.

The Question Remains: Saline Or Silicone? Dr. Adam Saad Can Help You Decide!

Saline or Silicone?

By Dr. Adam Saad

 silicone-breast-implantsBreast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the world today. The surgery is done by placing a breast implant under the breast and/or chest muscle to add volume to the breast. There are two main types of implants offered in the USA today. Both use an outer silicone shell. One is prefilled with silicone gel and one is filled during the surgery with saline (salt water).

When considering a breast augmentation, it is important for you to decide which type of implant would work the best for you. Often times people are biased based on what type their friends have had or what they hear on the news. Therefore, I think it is important to tell you the differences between both options from a surgeon’s standpoint. Each plastic surgeon is subject to his or her own biases, but there are some undeniable differences between the two implants.

No matter which manufacturer your plastic surgeon uses, silicone implants come prefilled at different volumes. This size will usually be pre-selected by you and your plastic surgeon prior to surgery. The feel of the implant is very close to that of natural tissue. It does not have the rippling that can be seen with saline-filled implants. The silicone implants are slightly more expensive. If they rupture it can be more difficult to detect since the silicone is not absorbed by the body. Much was made about silicone causing autoimmune diseases in the 1990s. However, several large studies have shown this is not the case, and these implants are FDA approved for cosmetic augmentation. Silicone implants are as safe as saline.

Saline implants are not pre-filled. They come as an empty shell that is placed in the pocket created behind the breast. This allows us to make a smaller incision and (thus a smaller scar) to get the implant in. In addition, they can also be placed via the axilla (armpit) or umbilicus (belly button). Once in place we fill them with saline. The exact amount of saline can be adjusted which allows for fine tuning at the time of surgery. They are slightly cheaper than silicone and if they rupture the saline is absorbed back into your body. Since they are filled with water the feel is less like natural tissue. In addition, there can be rippling of the implant that may be visible.

Those are the major differences between both implants. Based on this, can you guess which implants I prefer? If you guessed silicone you would be correct. In my opinion the natural feel and lack of rippling outweigh the cost and size of the scar. But that is just my opinion. You need to form your own opinion with the help of your board certified plastic surgeon and choose the implant that will work best for you.

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Dr. Loeb on Lip Enhancement – American Journal

A Video about lip enhancement by Dr.Loeb describes a new plastic surgery procedure which has a permanent effect as opposed to the widely used Collagen Injection method that last only up to 6 months.

Combined Cosmetic Surgery Enhances Results, Saves Time, Money

Featured Article by Dr.Steve Byrd

Cosmetic surgeons around the country, such as Dr. Steve Byrd, one of the top plastic surgeons in Dallas, offer the option for combining procedures. This can produce greater results while reducing cost and downtime.

Dallas, Texas (February 2013) – Many plastic surgeons will give patients the choice of combining plastic surgery procedures into one operation. Dr. Steve Byrd, one of the top plastic surgeons in Dallas says grouping multiple procedures into one visit to the medical center provides many potential benefits for patients: shorter recovery time, cost savings, more complete cosmetic enhancement and overall higher satisfaction.

“There are certain procedures that are commonly performed during one operation,” says Dr. Byrd, a board-certified plastic surgeon familiar with combination procedures. “Facelift with neck lift come to mind. But any number of combination treatments can be customized to the meet the patient’s goals. For instance, I commonly combine a breast lift with breast augmentation in Dallas.”

Commonly grouped procedures include treatments of the head and neck, such as facelift with neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or chin augmentation. Non-surgical treatments can also be combined, either with surgical or other non-surgical procedures. BOTOX® may be used with injectable fillers for a more comprehensive result, or laser skin resurfacing may be used in a facelift procedure. Breast augmentations and breast reductions are often enhanced by breast lifts. Dr. Byrd says he often performs liposuction during a tummy tuck in Dallas.

One of the most common combination procedures has come to be known as a “mommy makeover.” Typically, this makeover involves breast enhancement and tummy tuck. Certain variations may include liposuction, facial surgery or medical spa treatments.

Combining procedures can have advantages for patients, such as less time away from work or other commitments. Instead of having 2 or more separate recovery periods, healing from the separate surgeries occurs simultaneously. The discomfort of surgery is also consolidated, allowing women and men to “get it over with” all at once.

Cost savings also factor into the list of benefits. Fees for the facility, anesthesia and the surgeon make up the main cost categories for plastic surgery.

Completing multiple procedures in one operation adds up to only 1 facility fee, 1 anesthesia fee and reduced surgeon’s fees.

“Most patients find that combining procedures produces an overall higher satisfaction,” says Dr. Byrd. “Because multiple enhancements are achieved, patients see a more complete improvement in their appearance. And since there is less interruption in their lives, they tend to have greater appreciation of what was accomplished.”

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