Booties: Big or little? You decide.

You look at your Instagram and you see Nicki Minaj in her signature two-pieces flaunting her booty. You turn on your TV and you come across Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez doing the same more or less. Thrusting the back side is the smartest and the most seductive move celebrities use to make their fans screaming for more. So the question is: what is this ever-increasing cultural obsession with butts all about?

As a body conscious society, not only is our focus concentrated on the behind but our cultural heritage such as the music being produced by some of the world’s most renowned artists glorifies this ever-important part of the human figurine. Massive hits such as Nicki Minaj/Jessie J/Ariana Grande hit ‘Bang Bang’ sing about: “She got a body like an hourglass/But I can give it to you all the time/She got a booty like a Cadillac/But I can send you into overdrive.”

This shows that there is absolutely no way you can deny the power of your booty in attracting attention.

But how much is too much is the question that’s got girls thinking across the world.

The Size of the Behind: A Strong Determinant of Your Seductive Powers 

People have different views concerning the size of your butt and how much is too much. Fashion icons and experts believe that a strict balance between your upper body proportions and that of the lower body should be kept in mind while going for butt enhancement. Your plastic surgeon will be able to advise you as to how far you may go with the idea of a big booty.

Butt augmentation and Brazilian butt lifts are the most often chosen procedures by girls and women of all ages to add some volume in the trunk. These procedures are quick and have become a norm in our society these days. Carried out under sterile conditions, butt lifts focus on using fat injections at the right places to give you the same kind of rounded booty that you see Ms.Lopez flaunting on the screen.

Previously, a butt augmentation procedure would rely on the usage of silicone implants. This procedure was the focus of attention of men and women equally. These procedures are accredited to add two sizes to your original butt size.

Belfies are all the rage!

Log onto your Instagram and you will come across interesting hashtags trending some of the world’s finest booties over the internet. Belfies or butt selfies are pictures of the behind which proud owners of flaunts on social media. There are several smart phone applications such as Tap That which enhance the size of your butt, giving you a clear idea of what size will look good on you.

If you would not like to go as big as Kim Kardashian, you may go for the rather conservative Pippa Middleton look which enhances the roundness of the butt but doesn’t take it overboard. It is largely a matter of personal choice as to what size you would like to have. For expert opinion, feel free to use our Intuitive Directory!

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