Are Celebs Really Who you Want to be Like?

A growing number of adolescents follow their favorite celebrities and want to look like them. This trend is increasing no matter what country you talk about: from the Arabic speaking teens of the Middle East to the western kids who have grown up with images of Britney Spears in their bedrooms. These teens have the eye of the eagle when they look at their favourite movie star: indulging in extensive documentation, scrutinization and critique about each aspect of the celebrity’s physical existence.

The question is: do you really want to look like your favourite on screen movie star? The ever-increasing obsession with looks has given rise to the number of plastic surgeries across the world.

Getting plastic surgery is the best and the most chosen way of altering your physical attributes inspired by your favourite celeb. These procedures are safe and carried out in completely sterile environments. The fact of the matter is that there is no harm in enhancing your looks and feeling better about yourself in this way. There are quite a lot of celebrities who promote healthy living and improving outwardly appearance with the help of safe tools.

Mirror Imagery: A boost to your self esteem?

Plastic surgery experts across the world agree about talking to their patients before actually carrying out the procedure. Important questions like what is the actual motive behind the procedure and would you be able to carry on with your life happily if you did not opt to go under the knife are some of the things a sensible plastic surgeon will ask the patient. If the patient has serious doubts that there just isn’t any other way to inner happiness and satisfaction, then there is absolutely no harm in carrying out a procedure that will increase the self esteem of a person.

For many people, their favourite celebs are not appealing just because of their physical characteristics or how they look when they smile. It is about a deeper connection; they identify with a certain movie star or singer on an emotional level. Looking like them is a way of self assurance that they will be able to make it through their personal struggles just like their mentor did.

A majority of celebrities promote healthy living in conjunction with getting surgical procedures. They promote achieving the perfect balance between invasive procedures and a healthy lifestyle based on lots of exercise and an excellent diet. They also promote spiritual ideas that have helped millions of people set their course straight to success.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence are some of the pioneers who are making their mark in making small girls realize that they have to be healthy first. Upholding ideas such as regulating body shaming in the media just as smoking is strictly regulated; the actress has paved the way for having a sensible approach to the way your body looks.

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