Advertising For Plastic Surgeons

advertising for plastic surgeons

Advertising for Plastic Surgeons

Online advertising is big business and can be very expensive. Why? Because it works! If you’re reading this though, rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

We offer Advertising Space exclusively to plastic surgeons, at a fraction of the cost of conventional “Pay Per Click Advertising” services on the web.

The rule of thumb when deciding where to advertise online is to find a site that fits your niche. We offer advertising space that can fit any budget as we have many areas throughout our site where we can showcase your Ad.

Being one of the top plastic surgeon directories in the world, we have a large audience and reach thousands of monthly visitors who come to iLikePlastic to learn more about plastic surgery and to select a plastic surgeon they can trust.

If you are new to the idea of Advertising for your practice online, or would like to enhance your existing Advertising efforts, we are here to answer your questions. Whether you Advertise with us or not, here are some things to consider when buying Ad Space online:

TIPS – Choosing the right place to Advertise your plastic surgery practice.

1. Make sure you search for websites that deal with an audience specific to your niche.

2. Find out about their Google Page Rank; the higher the PR, the greater the inbound link is for the search engines in ranking your own website PR. A high PR is a good indicator of traffic and inbound links.

3. Once you have narrowed your search, you should contact the webmaster first and tell them that you are interested in advertising your website/blog with them. Send them a link to your website and a sample banner so they can see your banner and website first. If you do not have a Banner you may have to hire a Graphic Designer.

Keep in mind, design is a large part of successful marketing.

4. Ask if they have traffic statistics or traffic reports for tracking your ad. You will want to know how many impressions and clicks your banner ad receives. Impressions are the number of times your banner is displayed on a webpage. Clicks are the number of times someone actually clicked on your banner.

Online Advertisements

Online Advertising for plastic surgeons

Why choose iLIkePlastic?

Advertising for plastic surgeons traffic

Our Website attracts visitors from all around the world who are not only interested in plastic surgery, but who are also actively seeking a plastic surgeon!

Graphic Design for Plastic Surgeons

We offer graphic design for banner advertisements at a great price! Our graphic designers are experts in the art of banner advertisement design.


You found us easily on Google because of our High Page Rank so not only do we get a very large amount of visitors each month who will see your ad and possibly click through to your website, having your Ad on our website will increase YOUR websites Google rank!


We will provide you monthly reports and in-depth analysis of your advertisement. This will allow you to see how many people saw your Ad, and how many people clicked through to your website! You can even submit alternate designs for A/B testing and see which banner performs better as an Ad for your practice!

Contact us regarding Advertising For Plastic Surgeons

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