3D Models to Print a Copy of Your ‘New Face’

Ever wanted to see what you would look like after your plastic surgery even before the actual procedure took place? With the rise of 3D printing technology, it is now a reality. No longer will there be cases of people getting upset with the results, at least hopefully and it is about time in my opinion, that we get such a feature in plastic surgery especially when the results can possibly affect you in the long run.

Is 3D Printing Necessary?

Well YES! The effects of cosmetic surgery are far reaching, and hence all necessary precautions should be taken before you opt for such a procedure. Even though the professionals that perform the surgery are highly qualified, well-trained and have years of experience, the results are not always what the patient has in mind. This can lead to disappointing. Digital imagery can be useful but by no means is it comparable to a physical and 3 dimensional model that you can touch and feel. It will also be beneficial to the surgeon, allowing him to show his customers models of the other surgeries he has conducted, serving as a resume of sorts.

What is the Current State of 3D Printing in Cosmetic Surgery?

Currently a standard 3D printed model will cost you around $300 to $600 depending on the size and make, which is pretty expensive but considering that a normal surgical facelift can cost you up to $12000, it is not really much of an extra for those that decide to undergo the procedure. 3D printed models of breast are also being offered. At present this service is not available to every plastic surgeon but certainly worth looking into.

Future Trends in Surgical 3D Technology

As 3D printing technology improves and gets cheaper, we are likely to see this feature to become more and more common, not just in each plastic surgeon’s facility but as market service as well. Already MirrorMe3D, one of the leading companies when it comes to making 3D models for plastic surgery, will be launching a public portal, through which they will enable people to buy a 3D lifelike bust of themselves by simply sending them a photo of their face. In the future, it is likely to attract more people to undergo plastic surgery as the risk of the results not meeting one’s expectation is minimized. What’s more, as with stellar advancements in genetic sciences, one would not even need to give his or her picture, as surgeon would be able to, using powerful computers, to generate your face model using the data about his genetic make-up. All in all the use of 3D modes holds a lot of promises in the field of plastic surgery.

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